Wednesday, January 4, 2012

How many attempts does it take?

In the current class I'm taking on drawing faces, we draw A LOT of faces.  The goal is to draw 101 faces by the end of the week! In most assignments, we make between 8 and 10 from a particular technique.  Which seems like a lot, except out of those 8-10, I will usually only get 3-5 which I actually like.  One of yesterday's assignment was to draw faces using a ink dropper. I used a Distress Reinker (Vintage photo) to draw a variety of faces.  I liked these three, but my other seven attempts will never reach the light of day or, I suppose I should say, the light of the blogosphere. In fact, at the end of class, I will throw them away (as well as my other failed attempts from various assignments). 
Which got me to thinking about how many attempts at something it takes to create a "keeper." With the advent of digital photography, it's easy to take lots of attempts and delete the bad ones.  I think I probably delete between 1/3 and 1/2 of the pictures I initially take. I don't think the question comes up in other paper crafting fields (I don't usually throw away cards or layouts, for instance). For my art journal pages, I don't throw away the ones I hate. I either gesso over them to start again or simply turn the page and try not to worry about it.  On the other hand, I do have some mixed media canvases which I tossed (or gesso'd over) because they were, well, bad. LOL! What about you? How many attempts at a project does it take you before you create a keeper?


Anonymous said...

I rarely toss anything completely out, but I do salvage one or more elements from a card or a layout when I decide it just doesn't make it. My only attempt at drawing was a botanical drawing class. I didn't think any of it was blog worthy, but I also recognize that I was totally intimidated by the talent of my classmates.

In regards to digital photos: Last night at a photo critique, the leader said when you shoot 100 photos and there are 3-5 good ones, that's luck. When you get 20-25 good ones, you know what you're doing. Interesting take on it.

Sian said...

Well I can't draw to save my life, so I hesitate to say anything at all on this subject! I guess the more times you do something the better you get. All practice is good :)

Beverly said...

Rinda, as soon as you said ink dropper it paralyzed me, I can't imagine having the talent to do that and I like these even more than yesterday's. I do think it takes a lot of practice and sometimes whatever I am creating I have to step back from it awhile. I tend to be quite judgmental of my work until I can separate myself from it.

laurie said...

with an ink dropper?!? wow. it sounds like a great class with lots of practice thrown it! i am happy with very little of what i create but i realize that i have learned something in the process each time. and often, for me, the process is the point.

scrappyjacky said...

I really like these ones as well....especially the bottom right one.
I delete at least half the photos I take....and what's left are never that brilliant.....but I'm not a photographer and am aiming for memories rather than perfection!!
When it comes to craft projects I rarely totally discard something....but often spend ages 'adjusting'!!!

*jean* said...

i was taught to keep never know...and that bottom right portrait is very good! i think drawing with an ink dropper would be very difficult!! there is a quote about "the natural gesture comes from the practiced hand"...or something like that..