Tuesday, July 22, 2014


On the coast just north of me, there is a field which occasionally erupts with purple and white long stemmed flowers called agapanthus. Every time it does this, I resolve that I will go out with my camera and take some photographs. I dream about getting some models to go with me. And yesterday, it happened. But in a most unexpected way.
I went out to the field about an hour before sunset, hoping to catch the best light. And, before I knew it, these four young ladies showed up - unannounced and unplanned. They live nearby and had decided to come down to the flower field and take some photos of each other on their iphones.
Lucky for me, I live in a small town. And I happen to know these beautiful girls, and they agreed to pose for a few shots before they went on their way.
Now that's what I call serendipity! And a great reminder to go out with my camera and take photographs. To capture the moment. Because you never know what you might find.

Friday, July 18, 2014

Creative Scavenger Hunt Finds

As Clara and I picked up a friend of hers for a trip to the City, I looked across the street and asked her friend "are all those flamingos usually there?" She assured me they were not, and I asked Clara to pull over so I could take a picture. (Yes, Clara was driving; she has her driver's permit and is getting in lots of practice before she takes her driver's license test in September). The sign says "You've been flocked." Apparently, a prankster had planted a couple dozen flamingos in a neighbor's yard and left the sign. When I uploaded the photo later to instagram and facebook, I noted something unusual in the background. What is that? My gosh, I think it's an elephant! 
Now, here's my question . . . was I photo bombed by an elephant?
As the summer moves close to its half-way point, I'm pondering the more elusive elements on my 2014 Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt list. I have found 14 of the 21 items so far, and I think many of the remaining ones (an urban street scene, a bakery, a rural landscape) will be easy.  I think the hardest one for me to capture will be will be a sunrise, but I also think a photo bomb might be a bit difficult. 
So, do I call this a photo bomb . . . maybe one taken with creative license.
There have been some other creative takes on the scavenger hunt that I have really enjoyed. . . 
Amy of the Over At Our Place blog recently published this post called "Lateral Thinking," which included this parade of pelicans:
Julie Kirk, of Notes on Paper, used her typical wry wit to write this post about birds on wire, made of wire, hanging on wire and eventually birds on a wire.
Scrapbook Annie posted about this wonderful day out scavenging photos which included someone juggling invisible balls.
So, how is the hunt going for you? What items have been difficult for you to find? Have you engaged in lateral thinking or creative scavenging?

Thursday, July 17, 2014

ZIZO #29: Nibbler

Once a week, I go to the local Humane Society to walk dogs. I've been doing it about a year and recently received my purple lanyard, which allows me to walk any of the dogs at the shelter. Each dog has a color level, associated with their size and behavior. Green dogs are dogs which any of the trained volunteers can walk; yellow dogs tend to be timid and need extra understanding; purple dogs tend to be big and strong. This is Nibbler, a big happy (and very strong) overgrown purple puppy. Clara and I love working with him. He's smart as a whip and is actually fairly easy to handle if you know what you're doing. He wants to please and loves treats! I've learned so much about dogs in this volunteer job and wonder how much is applicable to life in general. No matter what the color level of the dog, each one is wonderful and would be perfect companion for the right person. I sometimes wonder if the same thing isn't true for humans . . . 
These photos are part of the zoom in zoom out photography project, hosted by Helena. To see more of this week's entries, click here.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Me on Monday

I've been incredibly busy, and my friend Sian from High in the Sky has the perfect meme for blogging your weekend when you've been super-busy called "Me on Monday." You simply post a photo and a list of the kind of weekend you had. For me, it was an
adopting a kitten (welcome Frida!);
World Cup watching;
baseball game attending;
Clara away at residential cross country camp;
living with bathroom remodeling;
egg coddler buying;
massive laundry; and
working on a law review article 
kind of weekend.
How was yours?

Friday, July 11, 2014

Pioneer House: Summer of Color Week #5

front of house
back of house
It is week #5 for the Summer of Color, hosted by Kristin at the Twinkle Twinkle blog. The color palette this week is red, royal blue and a pop of light blue. I've been creating little, tiny houses this summer (click here to see them all), and this week's is called "Pioneer House." Two happy-go-lucky, star crossed lovers have made it their home. I'll be sad when this challenge ends next week. I've had so much fun creating these. You can see other entries for this week at this link.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Tourists! (a scavenger hunt find in one photo and twenty words)

Mom taught me that it's not nice to laugh at other people, but, oh how these tourists make me chuckle!
Linking up this find for item #4 (a group of tourists) on the 2014 Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt with Abi's monthly meme called One Photo and Twenty Words. Click on the photo above to enlarge it and get the full effect.

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

ZIZO #28: Sea Anemone?

Helena hosts a weekly photography meme where bloggers post a pair of photographs - one zoomed in and one zoomed out. It's a wonderful way to capture the world. I took this close-up recently. And it reminds me of a sea anemone. But it isn't.
It's a fantastic dahlia, from the Dahlia Garden in Golden Gate Park.
And I wasn't the only one who decided to photograph these beautiful blossoms!
Do you ever run into other photographers stalking your ZIZO's? And did I fool you today?