Friday, May 29, 2015

Scrapbook Friday: Finding a Theme

During my National Scrapbook Day scrapfest, I made this layout of the first day we brought Luna home. I wasn't sure what I wanted to do with the photographs, but I started by looking through my bin of page elements. I came across a bag of pink "love" themed elements and thought, "Why not?" She was a little baby, and we certainly fell in love with her. Plus, I wasn't sure I would ever find another use for these elements. So I created this layout which I like just fine. I like even more that it's done and that I used up those page elements!
I've actually found that coming up with a theme helps make my scrapping more meaningful. And easier because it helps me find a color story, papers and elements. In looking at my 2014 photos, I had a handful of a trip to the University of Redlands sitting with other photos from the trip to So. California Clara and I took during the summer and a few from our visit to Carroll College in Montana in the fall. Because I usually scrap chronologically, it took me a while to pair these photos together and write about them as the trips we took to look at colleges and to write about what she's looking for in a University experience. It allowed me to go to my "school" embellishments and find some stickers that supported the theme (globes and school phrases). I ended up very happy with the outcome.
I've made great progress on my 2014 photographs this month. And I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I've got less than 10 layouts left to do! Besides the creative process, one of the things I like most about scrapbooking is the feeling of accomplishment from finishing a project. I should definitely put the 2014 scrapbook to bed before the end of the summer. And then it will be on to 2013, 2015 or Henry's sports album.


scrappyjacky said...

Those embellishments are perfect for Luna.

Julia said...

You're doing so well getting through your photos. I'd love to come to the end of an album - maybe it will happen soon!

Karen said...

You're making great progress, and I like the themed layouts very much.

Gail said...

Perfect use for those embellishments! Love what you've done with the college search layouts. Good luck with her finding what she wants or has she already?