Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Last Day of Summer (Final Photo Scavenger Hunt Linky)

On the last day of summer, 2015, I stopped by the store on my way to work and bought myself a bouquet of flowers;
I let go of trying to find item #13 A Merry-go-round or Carousel, resolved to revel in the joy of finding the other 20 items on the list; and 
I decided not to photograph the rocking chair in my garage as a substitute.
One the last day of summer, 2015, I hand wrote a sign, propped it up in front of my bouquet of flowers and took a selfie in my office;
I looked back through all my scavenger hunt posts; and
I smiled at the memories I created this summer hunting for flags and bridges and tents and turtles.
On the last day of summer, 2015, I created this linky for people to post their final thoughts on the scavenger hunt (or to repost a favorite find or their previously posted final round-up);
I went to bed with the anticipation of waking up in the morning and looking to see what others have found; and
I began to think about the list for next summer's hunt . . . 
Please join in the final linky below (even if you finished back in August . . . or July) and please go visit your other hunters. And thank-you for participating in this year's hunt!

The End is Near! Final Scavenger Hunt Linky Coming Tomorrow

Architectural Columns
I've been having computer problems - actually, I've been having camera-downloading-to-computer problems. It's put a bit of a damper on my photography and my ability to complete the 2015 Summertime Scavenger Hunt, but I've got the balance of the day to do. And so do you!  I'll put up the final linky tomorrow for everyone to join in.
A traffic signal
In the meantime, here's a some new photos (columns and traffic signals) and a couple re-do's. First, the three or more flags I had originally planned to photograph and finally did:
And a public restroom. While I do like the first one I posted, I think this is such an interesting visual (taken at the San Francisco airport):
My goal for today: Buy a bouquet and take my selfie. That will still leave me with the carousel to find, so I might have to use an alternative. But I think I can do it! Can you?