Thursday, November 24, 2011

Thanksgiving Tutorial Repost: Collage ATC

I'm reposting a few tutorials this Thanksgiving weekend - enjoy!!
Since I started blogging, I've had a couple of different requests from people for some information on "how to" collage. So, I'm posting this tutorial with a very simple 3-step method for making a collage.  For my "canvas"or size, I chose to make ATC's.  An ATC  is a 2.5x3.5" piece of artwork. You can read more about ATC's in this blog post. You can choose any size of  "canvas" on which to collage.  I've collaged on dominoes, and you can see some of mine in this photo.  Or you can go larger.  I chose to work on two different themes for my collage ATC's - chosen from two of my favorite challenge blogs.  The Scrappy Tree is looking for "steam punk" ATC's.  Steam punk is a style that blends Victorian age images with explorers and marvelous machines.  You can read about their ATC swap here.  The Something Completely Different blog is featuring artwork associated with different letters this month, and this week's challenge, posted here, is to create something based on the letter "B." Once you've decided on your canvas and theme, you can start the three steps.
Step 1:  Background
You can choose almost anything as a background:  patterned paper, paint, cardstock, etc.  I started with these four backgrounds - two patterned paper (map), one spritzed with glimmer mist and one painted background:
Step 2:  Image
Since I was thinking "steam punk" and "the letter B," I chose two stamps that fit these themes: a Victorian Boy and a Victorian Hot Air Balloon.  Both stamps are by Club Scrap:
I then cut the images out and placed them on the backgrounds:
I decided to mat a couple of the backgrounds to give them a little more weight. The boy on the yellow painted background wasn't really working for me, so I decided to mat him:
Better, but it still wasn't working for me.  So, I decided to add more to the background.  Since Steam Punk incorporates a lot of gears and clocks, I grabbed a Tim Holtz gears & clocks mask and masked the background with black ink.  Much better!
Step 3:  Embellishments
Now you'e ready to finish off your collage with a few well-chosen embellishments.  Three is usually a good number to use.  If you look at my finished Steam Punk Boys, you'll see that for the one on the left, I added a spinner to his hat (1), the title "punk" (2), and a pair of photo turns (3).  Even though these are technically more than three embellishments (the title is four letters and there are two photo turns), the eye perceives them as three elements.  For the finished collage on the right, I added a hat (1), a strip of words (2) and a pair of circles (3).  My finished balloon collages are below.  The one on the left has a yellow brad, a spinner and a title.  The one on the right has a strip of tickets, a small Victorian conductor and a title.
There you have it! Three easy steps that can be followed to make a collage. If you go back and look at the photo of my collage dominoes or at any of the ATC's in my old post, you should be able to identify the background, the image and the embellishments. For those attending the house party, these steps can also apply to your house (I'll post more about that later).  I also wanted to let you know that the house party is getting rather loud and noisy.  The neighbors are threatening to call the cops.  So I'm going to cut off sign-ups pretty soon. There's only room for a few more before we blow the doors off this joint!


scrappyjacky said...

A great tutorial...thanx.

Carola Bartz said...

Love your tutorial, Rinda!!! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving and are still enjoying a good weekend.