Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Beyond Team Colors

I am almost done scrapping my Christmas, 2010 pictures! Yea! I can't wait to finish them up and put away the holiday paper and embellies.  But I thought I'd take a little break today and work on a prompt from Shimelle about scrapping on black cardstock.  I scrap on black cardstock a lot, but I almost always pair it with orange.  Because I live in Halloween-town. Not really - sometimes it just feels that way.  Half Moon Bay is a self-proclaimed pumpkin capitol, and the High School colors are black and orange.  The sports travel team colors are (almost invariably) black and orange. Plus, we follow the San Francisco Giants (whose colors are - you guessed it- black and orange). So, I took the challenge today to scrap on black cardstock, do a sports page and not do (primarily) black and orange. I pulled pictures from the soccer alumni game and paired black with deep teal. I love how this made the inevitable orange in the pictures really pop.
Once I finish my holiday pictures, I'm going to move on to working on a bunch of sports pictures.  So, be prepared for lots of orange! Are their any team colors or recurring color pairings where you live?
Today I am grateful for: a bright sunshiny day and a surprise day off!


Amy said...

Great colour choices Rinda!

Sian said...

Team colours can mean a lot over here - it can be a tricky subject to get into!

I'm not sure if I have ever made a page with a black background. I'll have to think about that one.

Anonymous said...

I love black, but don't use it a lot on layouts. I'm not sure why. It looks great here---and the teal is a perfect complement!

Irene said...

I'll give you one guess what my sons school colors are? You guessed correctly... Black and Orange. I just love to go the the Friday Night Football games where you see a sea of black and orange. All their high school scrapbook pages are in these two colors.