Friday, November 18, 2011

Let's Talk Drawing and Sketching

When I teach art journaling class, I encourage my students to draw on their pages. Nothing complex - simple shapes like hearts and houses.  Maybe a bird. But that's as far as I've ever taken my drawing, so I think it's unfair to push others to places where I am not comfortable  venturing myself.  But I've been thinking a lot lately about drawing and sketching. (I even drew the self-portrait above). So, I thought I'd open up the topic.  Do you draw in your art journals or other crafting? 
If so, why? What draws you to it? And how did you learn?  Do you have any great resources to suggest? Or blogs that feature drawing or sketching? 
If not, why not? Is it lack of interest? Lack of ability? Fear?
Here's a few cool links I have found lately:
Carla Sonheim's blog is all about drawing, and she has a very cool book that I would like to buy. I found her through this post at Alisa Burke's blog;
Jean of Blue Birds Living in the Meadow draws and paints in her journals;
Gloria it totally free and folk-arty in her drawings and paintings, which feature Frida and other Latina inspirations;
Pippa learned how to draw doodle birds and has established a wonderful business around it
Laurie in her Lone Black Bird incarnation occasionally draws and sketches.
Carrie at Rosalind Revival shares her Grandmother's Journals in posts like this one;
One of my blog friends went to Africa this summer and drew all kinds of wonderful sketches in her travel journal, but I can't remember who that was? Let me know if it was you!
I'll leave this topic up for a few days, as I'd love some input! ("Let's Talk" is a semi-regular series designed to inspire frank discussion and sharing of information on issues relating to photography, art and blogging).
Today I am grateful for: My work colleagues who are smart and interesting and, actually, a lot of fun.


helena said...

I doodle frames, arrows etc but have never felt comfortable or confident in drawing - in part I think because an art teacher at school told me regularly that I couldn't draw

scrappyjacky said...

I don't feel comfortable drawing either..a 5 year old could do better!!

Melissa said...

I don't draw . . . I'm not very good at it, unless of course stick figures count!

When I was still teaching middle school, I always told my students to listen carefully if I was drawing an illustration so they would know what it was . . . because it was sometimes difficult to tell from the drawing. LOL

I did try a doodling art journal page a while back & think I might try some drawing in my art journal at some point.

laurie said...

i like to sketch in my journals because it brings such a personal touch to the pages. i went to africa this summer and sketched in my travel journal so i think i'm your mystery friend. :-) i believe your self-portrait and declaration of all that you are will be a favorite page of yours in the future - a window into the very essence of you.

Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

I've never used my drawing on a scrapbook layout or any other piece of art, actually. I've never considered myself "good at drawing" although I'm pretty good at basic shapes. (You'd want me on your team if we were playing Pictionary!)

I do keep sketch books where I draw basic sketches of craft projects I have in mind. Silly to think that someday they might be treasured, but I suppose I'd love to have something similar done with my grandmother's hand.

debs14 said...

I have trouble drawing a straight line with a ruler, so the chance of me drawing on a layout is pretty remote! I'm not even happy with my handwriting! I'm so envious of people who can draw, my efforts look like a 5 year old has been scribbling.

humel said...

I do quite like drawing occasionally, but I'm not great at it. It's only fairly recently that I've gained confidence enough to add a bit of doodling to my projects. I'm quite good at copying, though - if someone gives me an image as a starting point I can produce something I'm happy with!

Alison said...

No drawing here.....on scrapbook pages or anything else...I can't even copy like Mel!
Alison xx

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I doodle mushrooms and faces that look like this
/. .\ or this \. ./
^ v
But in various expressions. So I don't have a wide variety of things to draw.

Anonymous said...

I would love to be able to draw and sketch. I've purchased several nature sketch books, but I've never put enough time into practicing. I'd still love to keep a nature's sketchbook.

Two summers ago I took a botanical drawing class. I was disappointed in the lack of formal instruction, but with the teacher's support, I did improve. Nonetheless, I was pretty intimidated by the talent of my classmates, some of whom had been taking this class over and over again. Their work was stellar. I finally decided that my time would be better spent improving my photography.

Sian said...

I was a "D" student at art in school. I was hopeless and have never really tried. As an adult I now realise there are techniques you can learn to help the process along. I keep meaning to buy a book!

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Irene said...

Just last week I searched the internet "how to draw santa and snowmen". It gave me several websites and videos that were helpful. My drawing is nothing to write home about.

Anonymous said...

I'm hopeless at drawing unless you can count stick figures :) Guess I didn't inherit any of my Grandfather's talent.

Ginny said...

Although I don't feel like I have any natural talent I love to draw and hope that by practicing I can get better. I draw something on my journal page everyday. Visiting from Paint Party Friday.