Friday, November 4, 2011

Memes: Scrapbook Starting Point and Other Favorites

Look! I followed Shimelle's latest Scrapbook Starting Point post and made a one page layout with just one picture!
Just kidding! I made this companion page with 7 pictures:
To create this completed two page layout:
Because that's just the way I roll! Even though I inevitably change Shimelle's one page inspiration to a two page layout, I really like her starting point series, and it got me thinking about memes.  Recently, when I asked how readers overcome a lack of creativity and blogging motivation, Helena mentioned using certain memes to get back on track, and I thought that was a really good insight. According to The Daily Meme, a meme is a question or list of questions posted weekly to which various people respond.  In my blogging world, I think memes can be weekly, monthly or at some other regular interval and are not limited to answering a particular question or set of questions.  Right now, there are two monthly memes in which I really like to participate: Shimelle's Ten on the Tenth and Sian's Storytelling Sunday (which will hopefully become weekly Christmas Club in December). Also, during November, I am participating in the Daily Gratitude meme, listing things for which I am grateful at the end of each blog post.
Do you have any favorite memes to share? Any that you host? Or are thinking about hosting? Leave links and ideas in comments please!
Today I am grateful for: a renewed burst of creativity and using up very old supplies!


Amy said...

You had me worried for a minute - I thought you might have been running a temperature with the onset of one-paged-layouts!

Mary B said...

You had me fooled for a moment I had to check that I was looking at your blog and not fallen into someone else's instead lol
great pages and I love how each page can stand alone too.

Mary B said...

Just seen the question you posed on my blog Rinda, My Christmas puds are for freezing, but there are recipes that are made in advance and stored in an airtight tin to mature. The cookies are for eating now and hopefully I'll make more for the holiday.

Sian said...

Just kidding! lol!

Cheri said...

I like story telling sunday too! And I enjoy 10 on the 10th but seem to forget more than I remember. I do find that having "set" blog posts I'm supposed to be doing helps keep my blog fresh.

Alison said...

Great how you adapted it to make a companion page!
Alison xx

Terry said...

You layouts are like little stories, BTW! Beautiful pages and always such fun to visit! Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Love the one-photo page, and the way you transformed it to two-pages! Adapting prompts is what it's all about.