Sunday, November 13, 2011

Mail In/Mail Out and Pass the Book Recipient

I'm afraid I've been quite derelict in acknowledging some wonderful goodies I've received in the mail.  Ginger of Ginger's Life of Spice runs a wonderful mail art exchange, and, through that, I received a gorgeous package from Ruth with all kinds of goodies! Thank you Ruth!  I've also recently (or not so recently!) received lovely pick-me-ups from Ginger and Amy.  I love getting "good mail" and so will be reciprocating by sending out a few things in the near future. Here's what the outgoing looks like:
It's also time for me to "Pass the Book."  The next recipient of Raw Art Journaling is Amy!
I will be sending it along shortly.
Today I am grateful for: the moments of calm between the storms (quietly doing homework together or snuggled on the couch watching Hawaii 5-o).


Amy said...

Do you mean me?
Goodness, if so, what a surprise and how exciting ... I think I will be in for an eye opening experience to say the least!
Your envelopes looks very enticing!

Sian said...

Any day is brighter when it contains a little happy mail :)

scrappyjacky said...

I've loved sending and receiving mail art. I'm working on an idea for decorating my xmas card envelopes which won't be too time consuming as I have rather a lot of them to send!!

Melissa said...

What a wonderful pile of mail - coming & going! I've got several ideas for some mail art, just need to find the time to get it done!

Ginger said...

Ohh great collection of mail Rinda:) And your outgoing mail looks very interesting :)