Sunday, December 11, 2011

Ten on the Tenth: Where Will He Go to University?

If you were to interview this boy about his college plans, he would tell you that they include a desire to try to play soccer at that level.  Here's his current top 10 favorites (plus a few extras for good measure):
1. Santa Clara University
2. University of Washington
3. University of Oregon
4. University of California, San Diego
5. University California, Santa Cruz
6. University of California, Santa Barbara
7. California State University, Sonoma
8. Gonzaga University
9. University of Colorado, Boulder
10. Oregon State University
11. University of San Francisco
12. Seattle University
13. Holy Cross
Chosen for a combination of ability to play soccer, reputation, cost, collegiate environment, learning environment and location.  He's just a junior, so he won't actually begin applying until next fall. But this is the year to start thinking and dreaming about where his future lies.
Anyone have any experience with these? Or any reactions?
Offered as part of Shimelle's Ten on the Tenth Project.  See more here.


Deb @ Paper Turtle said...

Wow, Rinda. First, that is an AWESOME photo!!! :o)!!!

Next, when I saw the title of your post I thought, "Sheesh! He has 10 to choose from?!?!?!" and then I see it's actually 13! You may have to put them in a hat and draw.

How do you feel about him moving far away? How does he feel about that? I'm sure he'll do well where ever he ends up!

scrappyjacky said...

I know nothing about U.S. universities.....over here kids usually have about 4 they want.....and hope their results at A levels mean that they get accepted at their first choice.
Good luck to him whatever he chooses.

Fiona said...

Thats a lot of choices to make. Thankfully we don't have as many to choose from. Eldest son has applied to two and we are waiting to hear sometime in the new year and he would start Sept next year.

Sian said...

We're at the same stage here. Teenage's an amazing thing to witness isn't it?

humel said...

I can't be any practical help, sorry - but sending lots of good wishes your way and his as he considers his options :)

PS Love Gypsy's new 'do, and your story of the tamales xx

Amy said...

I love the photo too and am glad he has such a wide choice for her tertiary education ... no doubt there are countless things to take into consideration!

Beverly said...

Rinda, I'm an East Coaster so have no experience with his choices but I do have 2 in college. It may be hard with so many out of state possibilities but I work with high school seniors at church and think campus visits are huge. Often a student really thinks they know where they want to go but they visit the campus and it doesn't feel right at all. Conversely a school they are iffy about may feel like the perfect fit when they visit. With the hopes of college soccer I'm sure you can get some great guidance (are they really interested in the STUDENT athlete and not just the athlete) but it being the right place is still so important... they may get injured or just decide they don't want to play all four years. Sorry, so long ;) It's a very fun and terrifying time in their lives.

Ginger said...

It sounds like he has some very good options Rinda :) Very exciting times :)

nancy y said...

no experience with any of them... but I do know that Spokane is a great "little city", so #8 gets a vote from me!

Anonymous said...

I remember those days. Sarah started out with a list like Henry's and applied to four or five schools in the end; two were a stretch for her. As Beverly suggested, her list was quickly narrowed down by college visits. I remember driving onto one campus, and Sarah said, "Don't bother to park, I'm not coming here." She felt the area around the campus was a bit sketchy, and that was that. Matt, on the other hand, had just one university in mind, and was lucky enough to be accepted. Best wishes to all of you as you negotiate the college application process.

laurie said...

my dad taught at the university of colorado in boulder and i absolutely love the campus + area. however, i went to school at the university of idaho, not listed here but i can vouch for its small town atmosphere and great academics. what an exciting time in henry's life.

jane said...

My daughter graduated from Santa Clara University, and then went on to attend law school there as well. She loved her experience there, and earned an excellent education. She passed the California Bar exam on her first try, and is now a practicing attorney! I vote for Santa Clara!