Sunday, January 17, 2010

A Passion Shared (Scrapbook Sunday)

I wanted this layout to be about more than just the S.F. Giants.  Journaling reads:
"Henry and I both love following the Giants and watch almost every game on TV.  During one August broadcast, they said there were good seats available for the next Tim Lincecum start. We decided to go on the spur of the moment and had a great time.  I love that we share this passion."

During Shimelle's blog class, one prompt was to post some pictures with the journaling you would use to scrap the pictures "later."  These were the ones I chose, and you can check out the original post here.  I used a Debbie Hodge sketch for this.  Her site, "Get It Scrapped," has a ton of sketches.  Her sketches are a little unusual because they often involve overlapping pictures.  I wasn't sure about that at first, but I like how it worked for this layout. You can click on the layout to increase its size and see the details. All paper and small letter stickers from Club Scrap. Large title stickers are Thickers. Baseball stickers unknown.  If you were in Shimelle's blog class, did you ever scrap you "I will scrapbook these later" pictures?


Lizzie said...

Ha, ha! I'm always scrapping "I will scrap these later" pictures! If anyone was keeping track, I'm usually months or even years behind - but I don't mind really, I just like to scrap when I can.

The "Scrap Later" pics I had during the blog class were from our Extension Building project last year. I have just started a small album of these. So, I'm getting more up to date... honest!

I love your double-layout of the ballgame. I remember going to a Baseball game when I was quite young. We lived in UK, but there was a USAF base at Chicksands, just outside Bedford, our nearest town. We made friends with a family who were living on our estate. Mr. Scott was based at Chicksands and they all moved up there as soon as a suitable house became available on Base. We used to go and visit them - a Mini-America in UK!
We went to their amazing playground, a baseball game, the fun-fair and 4th July celebrations, played games with the local kids, ate US Cookies, Candy and Barbeque food (when these things were totally alien to a British child!), read Dr Seuss books. It was pretty good fun for us. Later, my dad had a job on the base, so we still went to the 4th July weekend celebrations. I was a teen by then, so it was less strange - but we still loved to eat American style pizza (we only got pizza in our local Italian restaurants then), drink Grape Fanta and eat US Hot-dogs, with American Mustard.
So, your Ballgame layout has brought back some memories for me. Sadly the Scotts went home once Uncle Eddie finished his posting here. We heard that their mom had died, which was so sad, but we eventually lost touch - even sadder. I wonder how those lovely girls are (there were three of them). They will all be grown up and probably have their own families, in High School, College or at work, I should think!

Sian said...

Debbie does have interesting sketches. I've been looking at her new page design class and wondering if it would be good. That's a wonderful bright and lively sports page you've done.

scrappyjacky said...

I love the way the title jumps out of the page....and all the movement in the's a great page to document what you share together.
I loved your comment on my blog re Starbucks...we actually drink a lot of tea at favourite is Whittards spiced tea....but in restaurants they often serve it too strong for I prefer coffee....and I prefer Costa....but alas...had to put up with Starbucks!!

Cheryl said...

I love these! Baseball is such a good sport to see and living near a good team makes it so fun.