Sunday, January 3, 2010

A Creative Tip from Vincent Van Gogh

I'm taking a fantastic art journaling class with Dina Wakley.  The class features art challenges and journaling challenges based on four different artists.  This art journal page features a bunch of Vincent Van Gogh techniques, mainly using different types of brush strokes and thicknesses of paint.  It's not my favorite page artistically (my favorite so far is posted here), but I do love the journaling.  It features a creative tip from Vincent Van Gogh that Dina put into her lesson and which really grabbed me.  Apparently, Van Gogh kept a basket filled with balls of yarn in all different colors.  He could grab a couple of balls to see how the colors looked together.  How cool is that!  If I ever get a studio When I get a studio, I am definitely going to get a big glass fishbowl and fill it with balls of yarn in all kinds of colors! Do you have any new creative tips to share?  I'd love to hear them.
Also, if you're looking for some scrapbooking inspiration, check out my friend Kathy's new blog:  365 Challenges.  It will feature a new scrapbooking challenge everyday for the year!  Go Kathy!
And there's a weekly scrapbooking challenge blog here.  I hope to join as a challenger soon, but I'm having technical difficulties!

Don't forget - last day to enter the card recipe challenge. Details are here.  Entries close tonight, Sunday, Jan. 3, at 9:00 p.m. California time.


scrappyjacky said...

Love the yarn idea.... brilliant.
I'm definately going to be trying the Scrap Weekly Challenge...but I think the 365 project would be just too much for me...but will try and get some ideas from it.

Anonymous said...

I'm lucky enough to have a little room but not enough space to add a glass bowl, but it's a really lovely idea. I made a little book with all the colors I own from my favorite cardstock. I saw a flipbook once that looked fantastic, but didn't get that fancy.

I've gone after Project 365 the last two years. I almost made it last year, but didn't get half the photos posted. It's still on my list to do. This year, I'd like to take a daily photo, but I'm settling on a favorite for the week. I haven't done much the first two days here. It's been too cold outside, and too dark inside for much inspiration. Must get going.

Sian said...

I just love that shade of blue..beautiful! I love the ball of yarn tip too.

Anonymous said...

love your art... probably can't play with my card stuff today, but wish i could!!


humel said...

I've missed your blog :-) It's nice to have time to visit again! Love your animal pics, and this is a great post too xx

Amy said...

I really love this colour combination - and Vincent's clever idea!

Kathy M said...

Rinda- thanks for the shoutout. Love Van Gogh. We went to the museum when we were in Amsterdam.