Wednesday, January 6, 2010

(Art) Journal Your Christmas: 12 Days of Christmas

It's Epiphany today - time to take down the Nativity Sets and the last of the Christmas decorations.  I wanted to do a slide show with just the the last 12 Days of my AYC from 2006-07, (which I did as an Art Journal , 5x7 cards with art on one side and journaling on the other).  So as not to spoil the prompts, I have held off posting this until today.  I featured days 1-25 on my blog on Christmas.  Unfortunately, I can't figure out how to just do a slide show for a portion of the file anymore.  So, if you want to see the last 12 days, you'll have to wade through the first 25 again.  Sorry about that! Just click on the link below to start the show.


Sian said...

It's a great slideshow..well worth another look!

humel said...

Hey, it's well worth viewing the first 25 again :-) Thanks for sharing, it's such a lovely project x

scrappyjacky said...

It's a wonderful journal.
Having done 2 very similar JYC albums....I am thinking that this December.....I'll try something completely different....and there's lots of inspiration in yours.

Lauren said...

I still have to take Christmas down, perferably before the dog rescue people show up for the home inspection! LOL

Lovely slideshow!