Monday, January 25, 2010

Photo Cards

I love using my photos to make cards.  For these cards, I use actual photos, not copied images because the photo quality needs to be really high.  I've actually taught this as part of a class, so pulled out my notes to find these pointers:

Size. I usually start with 4x6 or 3.5x5 photos and make standard size (4.25 x 5.5) cards.  This dimension usually requires cropping the 4x6 photo, so I will sometimes make larger (5x7) cards if I have a 4x6 photo that I don’t want to crop. 

Types of photos.  I have found that photos or architectural elements (doors, windows, flower boxes, statues, etc.), landscapes, flowers, and interesting street scenes all lend themselves well to photo cards.

Construction. I like to mat the photo with a thin mat on solid cardstock and then use patterned paper for the card itself.  

Greetings and Sentiments.
1. When looking at photos, some have images which fill the entire frame, while others have a lot of negative space (open sky or a plain wall).  Those with negative space are naturals for allowing you to add a greeting, quote or sentiment. Notice that “negative space” does not have to be completely empty space - it can be grass or meaningless foliage.   In the cards on top of this post, a house in the background and a wall served as the "negative space."
2. Sentiments can be stamped directly onto photos using stayz-on ink or can be stamped onto vellum, cardstock or tags and then placed onto the photo/card with vellum tape, adhesive, brads, eyelets, etc.
3.  I find that photo cards work particularly well for sympathy, thinking of you, just saying hi and birthdays.  I used up a bunch of "extra" pumpkin patch pictures one year to make birthday cards for fall birthdays, for instance.  
4.  Consider witty, funny or ironic greetings as well.  This is a terrific opportunity to use all those quote stamps you just had to buy!  Remember this photo:

I've been considering all kinds of greetings to use with it.  It could be something funny like, "What if the hokey pokey really is what it's all about?" or "I hate it when that happens." (yes, I have stamps with those sayings).  Or it could be something along the lines of "Missing you."  Which do you think would be better?
4.  Blank cards (without a sentiment) work well with very strong photos or those which have a strong sentiment inside.  I have used the flower photo above as a blank card (without a sentiment) many times.

Final Assignment:  Look at this photo and come up with an appropriate greeting (either inside or outside).  Bonus point if you actually have a stamp with that saying. Double bonus points if you can make it something Valentine-related.  Go!


Becky said...

Thank you for your kind words on my bereavement. Love your photo cards - have to honestly say I had never thought of using photos other than of the family to make cards like this. I will have a go now. As for your last photo - I am afraid I have no idea of a greeting to go with that bird!

helena said...

as a valentine card I'd use 'we are two of a kind'. Love the spiral staircase - so many sentiments that could be used for

Elizabeth said...

What a fantastic idea! I'm going to go through my photo stash and see what I have that is appropriate. Thanks so much!

For the valentine card, how about: "I love you anyway!"

Sian said...

I'm thinking, I'm thinking! I might have to come back to it :) I love this idea..definitely the kind of card making I would like to try. that's an excellent point about the strong architectural shapes..those are the kind of postcards I like to buy. Hope you are feeling better!

sharyncarlson said...

Great post! This has been bookmarked for me to come back and give it a try :) Now if only I could think of a clever message for that photo, lol!

humel said...

Oh, my! An assignment?! I'm feeling rather brain-dead after a hard day at work and then a tussle with the tax man (I'd come up with all manner of witty sayings otherwise, obviously...) but if inspiration strikes I'll let you know! Fab cards and useful tips, thank you x

Carrie said...

Neat postcards/pictures!

Moments Captured said...

How about something along this line . . . "You sure know how to ruffle a girl's feathers!" hee, hee