Wednesday, January 20, 2010

A pix and three questions

I really like this picture.  It's the window in the apartment we rented in Paris a couple of summers ago.  I've used it in a couple of art pieces.  So, here are the three questions:
1.  What is it about windows and doorways that are so appealing?
2.  What would this look like done in pastels?
3.  What journaling would I add?

Thanks for your feedback on my clothesline piece, which led me to think these thoughts . . .


Sian said...

I think it would look amazing in pastels..and that maybe the view speaks for itself without the need for too much journaling

Ryzmomplus2 said...

wow I love this picture and haven't taken many out windows and doorways but am inspired to try now! I guess the journaling would be about what awaits you beyond that window!

scrappyjacky said...

It's a great photo....I think what's appealing in this type of photo is less the windows or doors...more the combination of shapes....the wrought iron...the shutters....the striped curtains....the long rectangle surrounded by black.
It would look great in pastels....but also in acrylics or oils to give texture.
I'm not sure that it needs any,maybe??

Margi said...

1. What is it about windows and doorways that are so appealing?
For me it is the fact that you can be hidden and see what's out there.

2. What would this look like done in pastels? I think it would look amazing in dusty pinks, roses, blues, and browns; would love to see it sepia (sp???sorry) as well

3. What journaling would I add?
What was in the view for me based on the reason for being there and the mood I was in at the time and how it affected my view from that point on looking out other doors and windows.

Love this exercise Rinda! Made me think outside the box. Love that!

humel said...

Wow, I really like this picture too :-)

I think windows and doorways appeal to me because they promise a way through to a new adventure - a life the other side that I don't yet know of.

I have an amazing picture somewhere of a gate in the middle of nowhere. No fence either side, just a freestanding gate with no apparent purpose. I must find it and share it some time!

I think it would look fab in pastels, but I'm drawn to either watercolour or oils for some reason?

Journaling: I'd base it on your own answer to the first question :-)

Thanks for getting me thinking! x

debs14 said...

I love pictures of windows and doorways too, I think it brings out the nosey side of me! I wonder what is going on the other side of the door or if I could see further into the room through the window. What kind of lives to the people inside live and how different are they to me.
Don't think would need much journalling to be honest. Maybe just the date and place to remind you of when and where.

helena said...

It looks like one of those 'happy places' that induce calm and well being whenever remembered. I think pastels would be fabulous and some journaling about related emotions

Elizabeth said...

I think I like the dark opening up to the light. It's a beautiful photo.

MonicaB said...

I just love the lines and contrast between the sheer curtain, the iron rail and the soft yellow of the building.

It makes me want to go explore and discover what's beyond the window.