Monday, May 16, 2011

"Great Minds Think Alike" Card Sketch

I make a lot of photo cards.  You can see some of them by clicking on this link.  Most of them use a full photo with some added embellishments and a sentiment.  This card is a little different.  It uses a 1-2" strip cut from a photo, mounted on a white card (which is why it's hard to see the edges of the card).   It's based on this sketch, which I sort of developed:
I say that I sortof developed it because the sketch is based on two almost identical cards that I received in the mail today from two different people!  This one is from Amy in Australia:

And this one from Deb in Arizona, USA:

Aren't the cards pretty?  And isn't it a little eery to get two such similar cards that to my knowledge were created independently?  Anyway, it's a very fun and easy sketch to use.  Here's one more I made:

 Let me know if you decide to to use the sketch.  And, if you put the photos on white, be sure to photograph or scan them with something in the background! LOL!


Amy said...

Oh too funny - that is my go-to photo card design! I am sure you will see it again from me some time in the future - I am not imaginative ... or when on to a good thing we stick to it! :-)

Hey, it arrived pretty quickly too :-)

helena said...

Love photos in those dimensions - ahve not used them on cards before but I will now

JO SOWERBY said...

amazing isnt it when we have friends who think so similarly. loving this sketch and photo cards rock,
jo xxx

Sian said...

I have a theory that likeminded people always gravitate towards each other without even realising it!

This month's Pass The Book is a card sketch book, blogged today..

I got a card from Deb today and I have just set it up on the shelf and admired the design. Love it.

laurie said...

beautiful cards. i can just imagine how wonderful it would be to receive one or just gaze at it on a cold, rainy day.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

:o) Actually, I totally copied Amy with the design of my card! I received her card a few months ago and loved the simplicity of the design - it's just so "Amy" with the clean lines and classic look. When I sent her a copy of the card I fully admitted that I'd copied her, and I've made several other cards in similar design since then.

I love the card you made. Isn't this a great way to use some of the lovely flower pictures sitting in your computer? :o) Have a great day, Rinda! xo

Lauren said...

What a fabulous idea!