Thursday, May 12, 2011

Four People Twelve Times (ten, if you're being picky)

Welcome back Blogger!  So, the system has had some weird problems lately.  My Mother's Day Photo Shoot post (which was up) is now gone.  I'll try to repost it.  Also, this post came up before it was scheduled to, so it's a bit incomplete.  But I don't want to try to move it.  So, here it is!  This a collection of photos taken over the course of the last year as part of my 4 people, 12 times project. Enjoy!
May 2011 (top) and May, 2010 (directly above).

June, 2010 World Cup Edition

Fourth of July, 2010

August, 2010 Lake Tahoe

September, 2010 at the Giant's game, AT&T Park

October, 2010 at the pumpkin patch.

December, 2010 at the Tree Farm

January, 2011 at Panda Inn, Pasadena

Mother's Day, 2011


Anonymous said...

are you really now the shortest one in your family? Great pictures, Rinda!!


scrappyjacky said...

A great series of photos,Rinda....and it's lovely how many of them celebrate a particular event.

Anonymous said...

What great collection of photos! Are you planning to continue with the project?

Ginger said...

Wonderful to see this many photos of you and your family Rinda!

Carola Bartz said...

How wonderful that you have so many photos of your family. We only have a few of all of us - I'll look to get more done. These are great!

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

I have loved seeing these pictures along the way, and it was really nice seeing them all in a post together! Well done, Rinda. You'll treasure these photos forever. xo