Saturday, September 11, 2010

September Lessons (part 3)

Here's my recent lessons from the Learn Something New Everyday class.  On Day 7, I learned (or relearned) "The best time to take a walk is first thing in the morning.  It's quiet, it's peaceful and it's more likely to happen. Plus, if you're lucky, you'll get to see some bunnies."  Additional lessons learned:
*Gentle reminders and conversations with the kids can work just as well as shouting or demanding, especially when getting them off to school in the morning or inquiring about the new girlfriend.
*Cropping a photo can make a huge difference.
*There is more than one good walk in my neighborhood.
On Day 8, I learned the following lesson:  "You may never know how much a kindness will touch someone's heart."  Here's the backstory - when I was out walking, I saw a friend running.  As we passed, he said hi and reached out to touch my hand.  On my way back, we passed each other again. He stopped and thanked me for the words I had spoken at the memorial for his wife last spring.  He said he thinks of them often and they mean a lot to him. It brought a tear to my eye and made me oh so grateful that I had overcome my fears and blubbered through my memories at the service. I'm glad I was able to touch his heart.
My Day 9 lesson, "I love getting packages in the mail - a box of books from Amazon or a new batch of pictures can really brighten the day! Just one more reason to shop online."
I got three books for the girl:  Alice in Agony; Three Cups of Tea (young reader's version); and Number the Stars.  And three books for the boy:  The Hunger Games; King of the Screwups; and Carter Finally Gets It.  Anyone familiar with any of these?  I was reminded of how much I used to love getting Scholastic Book Orders in school as a kid.
On Day 10, I learned "The kids view the bus as a social experience, not just transportation to or from school.  I'm just looking for a little convenience in my daily routine." Clara plans her schedule around which friends are taking which bus.  Henry takes it home to spend time with his girlfriend.
About a-third of the way through the month! I'm enjoying LSNE pretty well, but am really glad I'm keeping it simple.  I'm sure I'd have trouble keeping up otherwise.


Mary B said...

I do like the way you are doing this, somewhat like flash cards that will provoke a memory later on

Amy said...

Yes, mine are ultra simple as well - it is the only way to go I think if you want to keep up!

A new girlfriend??? ;-) How are you managing?

SarahLP said...

Yes I agree, keeping it simple is key to keeping on top! Love the mixture of stamps you're using, they do look rather like old flashcards.

Sian said...

Simple with reptition is what is keeping me up to date too.

My kids view walking home from school as a social event - I have offered them a ride but they aren't interested lol

And not much beats a box of books from Amazon, I agree.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

I just love this set of pages, Rinda, and your story about the friend who was touched by the words you spoke of your wife.

Also, cuteness with regard to the difference in your son and daughter's bus riding... ;o)

Anonymous said...

My kids wanted NOTHING to do with the bus. We were the first stop on the route and the bus got to school a good 20 minutes before the first class. I think they could count on their fingers the number of times they rode the bus in high school! I love how your lessons jog memories of my own!

I read the adult version of Three Cups of Tea--one of my favorite books. I've read Number the Starts many times. It's a fabulous book. My fifth grade girls loved it. It's now part of the sixth grade curriculum in the district where I taught. I'm quite sure you'd enjoy it too.

humel said...

I love your pages and your lessons :-) Have you manage to match a stamp to each lesson you wanted to include, or have you ever picked your lesson according to the stamps you have?

debs14 said...

These sentiments are just great and your illustrations and stamps match them all perfectly.
The story of your friend was so touching, it is often the little kindnesses that mean a lot.

MonicaB said...

I really like these and I love the lessons on them. It's important to remember the little things!

scrappyjacky said...

I love the simple....but so effective....way you are doing this.And am still amazed that you have a stamp for every eventuality!
I used to love the Scholastic books at school as well...and always love parcels arriving from Amazon or The Book Peopls.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

These are looking wonderful!

My kids view the bus the same way