Saturday, September 18, 2010

September Lessons (part 5)

My next set of lessons from the Shimelle class "Learn Something New Everyday."  I've now gotten hopelessly confused about how the prompts line up with the days, but I'm still enjoying the lessons I'm learning.  So, here's what I've got.
Day 15 - half way through and the prompt was to reflect on what you've been getting from the class.  One of the layout prompts suggested using a big picture, so I adapted it by using a big stamp. Journaling reads: "Pay attention and you can learn a lot. And use your stamps."
Day 16 - Lessons learned at back to school night.  "Listen to other people.  They often have useful information. I need to stop assuming I know everything already." Back to school night was on the 15th, so I think this is where I got off-track.
Day 17 - "Call when your plans change. It can help avoid a lot of stress about being late and let others come up with a different plan." Ran late at work; a quick call to each of the kids and we rearranged after-school/pick-up plans.  Easy peasy. But that all occurred on Thursday, the 16th.
Day 18 - "It's fun to make simple cards for others to send, receive, and appreciate." Learned this lesson during an all day crop where I made 20 cards for this awesome program called Operation Write Home.  It's a way of getting handmade greeting cards into the hands of armed forces troops stationed abroad so they can write home.  Check out their website and see if you can find the "Old Spice" video. It's hilarious.  The crop was on Friday the 17th.



Sian said...

Mmm, yes! Calling when your plans change is another lesson we are trying to drum into the kids here.

I'm not sure if my prompts are lining up with the days properly either lol

humel said...

Another super set of lessons :-) I recognise the 'listen' stamp! You used it on a lovely ATC I won from you xx

laurie said...

beautiful colors and textures. wow, you have the perfect stamp for every lesson - that's a lot of stamps! i'm glad you are getting to pull them out and use them. :-)

scrappyjacky said...

More great lessons,Rinda....and just love the 'listen' stamp.