Thursday, September 16, 2010

September Lessons (part 4)

Here's a few more lessons from the Learn Something New Everyday class.  I seem to be a day behind in the prompts somehow; not that worried, but I do wonder where I went off track.  For those of you who asked , I don't choose my lessons to match my stamp collection.  I have soooo many stamps that I have (so far) been able to find something that's a reasonably good representation of the day.
Sept. 11 - Such an emotional day here in the States. I watched some specials on television with Henry, and it brought me right back to that day.  I turned the events into a more general lesson, though, to also reflect a tragedy that occurred a few miles up the road from us.  The journaling reads "Tragedies strike. . . hold your loved ones close and appreciate each moment." I noted "2001 - terrorists' attacks; 2010 - gas line explosion in San Bruno, California."  Although the tragedies are of very different proportions, my husband used to wok with one of the women killed in the explosion this week and several of my son's baseball teammates went to school with her daughters (one perished, one survived).
Sept. 12 - "It's hard to live up to commitments, like finishing up a baseball tournament when you have an 8:00 am game and no chance to advance, but it's what we do in our family." Carrying through on commitments, especially when inconvenient and seemingly of little value, is a tough lesson for everybody to learn and a tough lesson we had to emphasize as parents this morning when dragging Henry out of bed at 6:00 am on a Sunday morning when he really wanted to sleep!
Sept. 13 - Lessons learned during the work week was the prompt, and I chose "I can 'touch type' on my ipad. I just have to turn it to landscape orientation. How did I not realize this before?'" Read an article at work on using an ipad while traveling and when the author mentioned this point, I gave a big Homer Simpson, "Doh!"
Other lessons learned:
*Choose a walk that will coordinate with errands I need to run.  The coastside trail is on the way to downtown errands."
"According to standardized tests, the kids are getting smarter."
"Washing my hair, putting on some makeup and wearing decent clothes goes a long way to making me look and feel more professional."
Sept. 14 - Lessons learned over and over was the prompt, and I chose "Keep everything in focus. Be clear what you want to be focusing on at work and at home.  Make those things your priorities - work on them a little each day."  My day 14 lesson is probably my favorite stamp of this bunch!
p.s. my computer is limping along in pretty bad shape these days. I was hoping it would last until Christmas, but it gives all the signs of being terminally ill and will likely just quit on me soon.  It moves at the speed of molasses and shows more and more bad sectors all the time.  So, I'm slowly working on backing everything up and patiently posting when it will let me.  I can still visit blogs & comment on my ipad, but if there's fewer blog posts by me, that's the reason.


Tammy Lee Bradley said...

Crossing my fingers for a healthy computer. I would miss you. :)

Anonymous said...

I love your lessons and could repeat them all in my album. Just came back from the Trauma ICU where a dear friend is struggling after falling and breaking his neck. It's as bad as it sounds. In an instant lives change, and we have no control over it.

Amy said...

Good luck with the computer Rinda - I think we all notice it when our device of choice is poorly!

I love the stamp from the 14th as well - it caught my eye in the gallery. I'm impressed at the size of your stamp collection, it's a great feeling to know you can go to the stash and find something suitable for any project :-)

Sian said...

Are you sure you can wait til Christmas for that new computer? Please don't disappear on us!

We're learning about following through on commitments in this house too at the moment. It's a good lesson to learn.

scrappyjacky said...

Really good lessons here,Rinda...the commitments one so important...but often so difficult for kids to learn.
Computers...can't live without them these days!!!!

laurie said...

this is such a cool project - very thought provoking! and i love the vintage look of your pages.
my laptop was about five and a half years old when it died a couple weeks ago. i have a new, much fancier one now but i find myself missing the "simplicity" and familiarity of my old one. hope yours hangs in there for as long as you need it to!

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

All wise words to live by, Rinda. Sorry to hear that your computer is giving you fits. Ugh! That can be so frustrating!!!

Hope you have a great weekend! xo

humel said...

Poor computer - sorry to hear that xx

Another great collection of lessons, and oh! how I wish I could see your stamp collection!! I *love* the typewriter :-)

Lauren said...

GREAT lessons!

Sorry about the computer woes... they are never fun. Although new laptops are! ;)

Lizzie said...

Love those pages! The lessons you have written about are all so important. I like your "over-and-over" lesson about staying focussed - perhaps you should produce a limited edition of this one - I'd buy one for my studio wall (and I don't mean the Art Wall either!).
Pity you live so far from me - I could lend you my external hard-drive to copy your whole computer to. At least then you wouldn't risk losing any stuff while you sort out what to do with your ill pc. Good luck with that problem!

Great LSNED pages and lessons, Rinda!

Anonymous said...

These are beautiful! Love the great designs!