Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Regrets: Photos not taken

Today's prompt at Shimelle's Learn Something New Everyday is about regrets.  One of my biggest regrets is photos that I didn't take and then disappeared before I got around to it.  Some I particularly remember:
*a "scarecrow" that really looked like an Easter cross (cross, draped with a shroud) and in a field of farmworkers. This spoke volumes to me about the scholarly work I do.  It was in a field on my way to work for a good week, but I missed the shot.
*a row of sunflowers at a local pumpkin patch last fall
*a field of purple and white flowers that were about four feet tall. They were so spectacular that I saw wedding photographers taking brides out there! Again, I had over a week to go shoot them, and I didn't.
So, the lesson that will go in my LSNE album is to put my camera in the car and take the time get the photo.  
One that I will take very soon is of this stone labyrinth I see on one of my daily walks.  I want to get out there and take pictures of it from lots of different angles.  Today, I settled for a nice hipstamatic shot of it.
Do you remember any photographs you regret not taking?


Anonymous said...

i regret not taking more photos of my grandma and my daughter ... i regret not taking more photos of my great-grandma, grandma, mom and me ... i NEED to take more photos of my daughter and her grandma and great grandmas who are still alive before it's too late.. thanks for the reminder.


Amy said...

It saddens me that I don't have many photos of my grandparents with me and my siblings .... this is a reminder for me to take plenty of my kids with both sets of their grandparents.
I really like this Hipstamatic app ... the effect is very cool!

scrappyjacky said...

I've lost count of the times I've thought "I wish I had my camera with me"....and I definately wish I'd taken more family photos before the advent of digital cameras.
Love the effect you've got here.

Anonymous said...

I've yet to take a Hipstamatic photo that I like, but I sure like yours! I regret not having photos of the everyday when my kids were growing up. I also regret that there are almost no photos of my family growing up. There are plenty of me and my brother but almost none of my mother and only one of the whole family that I can find. It seems impossible to me so I keep looking!

Sian said...

Yes, definitely. This is a great lesson. Just outside my bedroom window there used to be a pillar box and when my mum was pretty young, her car slipped on ice and went into it. It used to make me smile every morning because my mum moved away and I moved closer to it. One morning I woke up and it had been removed. And I have no photo.

debs14 said...

I guess like most people I regret not taking more photos of family no longer with us. I wish I had more photos of me with my parents and am now compensating for that by annoying the life out of my kids taking pics of us all together at every opportunity!

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Yes, the photos I regret not taking are of friends and family during get togethers. Seems I always get busy visiting and forget about the camera, or just don't want to mess with it. And of course, there are those times when the perfect photo opp presents itself and I don't have my camera with me!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I regret not taking a photo of the snake in my kitchen yesterday but I was too focused on "SNAKE!!! SNAKE IN THE KITCHEN!!" to take one. AN hour later when the snake had been removed it occurred to me the photo would have been great for an LSNED page about how my cats really are useless over fed beings.

donna said...

Maybe you are meant to capture those photos that are still in your mind, in your art without the help of a camera.