Tuesday, September 7, 2010

September Lessons (part 2)

Here's the next group of pages from my "Learn Something New Everyday" album.  Lesson from Sept. 3 came out of my session doing self portraits.  Journaling reads: "I learned that the Ontiveros have a strong family resemblance.  Embrace/own the good and defend against the negatives.  I took some close up self portraits today and saw my older brother and sister looking back at me. I can't escape my roots, so I need to learn to deal with them." The stamp is of Friday Kahlo, Queen of self portraits.
Other lessons learned that day which didn't make the album:
*Take self portraits from farther away.
*A college soccer game is a petty good way to spend an evening with Henry, especially if we stop by our favorite Chinese restaurant on the way for dinner.
*I'm willing to give up my scrapbook club to finance a better lens for my camera. I simply have too  much paper and too many stamps. And I really need/want new lenses.
The lesson from Sept. 4 comes from a very satisfying afternoon spent in the art studio.  It reads: " "It's harder to finish a piece of art than it is to start one.  It takes creativity, courage and persistence. But it's worth it to gaze at a finished piece with pride and satisfaction" The stamp is from Club Stamp.
Other lessons learned which didn't make the album:
*E6000 adhesive will always be dried out when you need it. Always.
*I create a lot more art in the studio than I do at home.
*It's much easer to edit and upload pictures if I don't let several months' worth pile up in my computer (thanks to Stacy for the reminder). A couple of martinis help to make the task more pleasurable, especially if there's a baseball game to watch on TV.
*Persistence pays off, and I should trust my instincts.  This is a lesson I learn over and over, but it was reaffirmed again when I recovered my sunglasses from the restaurant where I knew I'd left them, even though the staff said they weren't there when I called earlier this week.
Lesson from day 5 reads: "If traffic on the bridges is really bad, it might be best to change plans.  On the other hand, the right company can turn even a traffic-ridden journey to a lame art and music festival into a good time."
Lesson from day 6 reads: "On the road of life, it is not always clear what the next step should be. Sometimes you know basically where you want to go, but you're not exactly sure how to get there."


Amy said...

Rinda everyone of these would work well as a scrap page - a big reason why I love this class, the inspiriation is endless!
Your book is coming together very nicely :-)

scrappyjacky said...

Rinda, all these lessons resonate with me....particularly the second one!!
Love the way you're using the stamps...I wonder if you're gonig to find one to suit every lesson??

helena said...

love how you are doing these - great sentiments and lovely pages

Sian said...

A couple of martinis make reading blogs even more enjoyable too I've found. Not today at 11.30 in the morning I hasten to add.

There are some excellent lessons in there. I liked the one about it taking courage to finish a piece of art. Very well put.

Anonymous said...

Another great list of things learned as well as lovely additions to this year's album. The stamps you've chosen enhance your journaling beautifully.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

The first thing on your list "take self portraits further away" made me LOL, Rinda! :o) Love your list today... xo

cookcreateread said...

Great lessons! I love the way you're doing these. I really like the day 6 lesson! So true! xx

Cheryl said...

Rhinda wow what can I say every page is so amazing I love every one of them, and am looking forward to seeing many more x

laurie said...

your lessons are great (i am taking notes!) and your pages are beautiful. keep learning.

Anonymous said...

WHAT!!??? you are giving up CS!??? say it isn't so!!??


humel said...

Super lessons :-) Do you plan to scrap or journal the 'extras'? Or do you feel that by blogging them they've become part of your project anyway? (I'm feeling a mixture of the two about all my 'extras'! I think I'll probably end up with a few extra pages from this class...)

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Love the pages! They are beautiful!