Wednesday, December 2, 2009

What do you plan for it? (a semi-regular series)*

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Sell It!

One of the most satisfying things to do with art is to sell it.  I sold this piece (when it was nicely framed) to someone from Massachusetts who happened to be visiting the area.  This piece was "for sale" and hanging in a show at a local coffee shop.  I have also sold my art at craft shows and (at times) when people have asked directly if things were for sale (this tends to be for sports photography).  Besides photography, my biggest sellers tend to be smaller pieces with reasonable prices. Greeting cards also tend to be big sellers.  Someday I would like to sell larger pieces, and I occasionally think about opening an etsy shop or trying to find some other way to sell online, but I think that's still in my future.  I'd love to hear other people's experiences selling their art.

And I want to say a word about the flip side . . . buying art. I love to buy original art and hang it about my studio.  I find it inspiring, and I love supporting my fellow artists.  I had a wonderful time on Sunday, Dec. 29, at an art fair, buying Christmas gifts and gifts for myself.  Many of my local fellow-artists were there, and it was fantastic to see their wares.  I even received a gift. My art friend Cindy had taken a couple inchies that I made for a swap, and she turned them into wonderful charms (through the magic of soldering).  I love them! Thanks Cindy!  Before that, the last piece of original art I bought was a small shrine by Michael Demeng called "Thicker than Water."  What was the last original art you bought?

*"What do you plan for it" is a semi-regular series inspired when Gennifer asked what I planned for some of my art.  It suggests ideas for what to do with all the wonderful art we create.


Carrie said...

Good luck! I love going to art & craft fairs - it does make you feel good to support! :)

humel said...

Fab :-) I don't tend to buy much, 'cos I make so many bits and pieces that we run out of space as it is!! And The Doctor isn't into creativity as much as I am.... :-(

scrappyjacky said...

I don't tend to buy much....simply because I can't afford to.....but the last piece I bought was a watercolour of a Cornish beach....I love it....and my dream place to live.
I do sell some of my cards to friends and family.....but there are very few other outlets where I live.
I also loved Tim Holtz'a tag yesterday....and am going to try and have a go at one.

Sian said...

I love searching out gifts at craft fairs..supporting local artists is so important. I'm sure it's very satisfying to make a sale! Long may it continue

Lizzie said...

The last original one-of-a-kind art that I bought was a sculpted pendant necklace, by Sue of Nine Dragons Sculpture Art ( It is part of her "Negative Spaces" collection. I love it and wear it regularly.
I have just bought a wall calendar from, some high-quality print editions from and a little set of bird print postcards from The prints were for my son's room, the postcards and calendar are to decorate my workroom. I also bought some photography from my niece,

Do you get the impression I like to support Etsy sellers?
But do visit them all - you may find something you love!

sharyncarlson said...

It's interesting to hear about your buying / selling experience. I do like to support original artists, too. Most recently on Etsy, I bought a hand-crafted necklace from Little Jardin and a print from Made By Girl.

Amy said...

I can imagine that selling your art would be so satisfying - I think you would do very well with an Etsy shop.
I like to buy handblown glass pieces. We have a local artist who creates the most magical pieces from glass sourced all over the world. Very sadly she has developed Motor Neurone Disease and is no longer able to create.
My most recent purchase was an art deco pottery piece - it was about three years ago though ... need to remedy that fact!

Alison said...

how about an etsy shop! Great place to showcase your art..

Unknown said...

Now this time it isn't so extreme, because I just feel sort of discouraged. I use dumb bells only, and do push ups and crunches on a semi regular basis. Do I need to start walking too? Of course! I would think so!

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