Sunday, December 13, 2009

The Tree Farm with Teenagers (Journaling catch-up)

Things were a little different at the tree farm this year with the kids.  Gone are the days when they got a big thrill out of the tire & rope swings.  They no longer think it's "cool" to drive the tractor out to get the trees.  Anyone interested in playing hide-and-seek in the haybales?  Not so much.

But Henry really seemed to enjoy helping cut, carry and bale the 11 foot tree.

Clara enjoyed learning how to make wreaths with Paul.

And, of course, we all still loved s'mores around the bonfire!


The Scrappy Tree said...

Mmmm, smores!

Sian said...

That's kind of the same experience we had this year..our 6ft 14 year old carried our tree home and it was a real picture!

scrappyjacky said...

Looks like there's still fun to be had.
S'mores???? translation please!!

Lizzie said...

Looks like a good day out, even without the playground.
Are S'mores those melty marshmallows-and-biscuits in the picture at the top?

Maria Ontiveros said...

Hi all,
I'm on a business trip so am having trouble visiting blogs this weekend. But can tell you that s'mores (short for "some mores" start with a roasted, melty marshmallow. You then squish it between two graham cracker biscuits with a piece of milk chocolate. The chocolate gets all gooey & melty. Very yummy.
Do you know have those in other countries?

humel said...

I've never tried a s'more, but oh boy do I want to now....

I've never tried a graham cracker, either! Someone told me they're like our British digestives, anyone know if that's right?