Monday, December 28, 2009

December Class Review: Tim Holtz 12 Tags of Christmas (click to enlarge)

I'm not sure if this was considered a class, per se, but it certainly was chock full of learning and had the feeling of a class.  Each day, starting on Dec. 1 and continuing through Dec. 12, Tim Holtz posted a detailed tutorial for how to make a Christmas tag.  This is the third year in a row that he has done it, and more people participate each year.  A variety of different websites, including blockhead stamps and the All Things Tim yahoo group posted contests and moderated discussions.  Tim Holtz gave away 12 prizes each day to people who commented on the tags. The class was free, and the instructions (along with instructions from 2007 and 2008) remain on his blog. The tags extensively feature Tim Holtz signature products (produced by Ranger, Stampers Anonymous, etc.).  I completed my tags without buying anything (because I have sooo much stuff - Tim Holtz and otherwise) and Tim encourages people to improvise and use things from their stash.  But check out this message which my friend Marian posted on the Paper Addicts Online forum:
I was talking to someone on another group who is doing the Tim Tags, too. She wondered how much the supplies for all the tags would cost if you went out and bought them. I had just seen the lists at Stampers Anonymous yesterday so this morning, I added them all up. I removed all the duplicate items once they were 'purchased' on a previous tag. This also includes all the tools he used whether from Ranger or someone else.
And so here it is:
Tag 1-$216.75
Tag 2- 102.40
Tag 3- 128.50
Tag 4- 67.50
Tag 5- 57.35
Tag 6- 71.75
Tag 7- 45.85
Tag 8- 37.15
Tag 9- 60.75
Tag 10-43.90
Tag 11-75.34
Tag 12- 9.90
for a grand total of $917.14 
Oh my gosh!  Obviously, that would be tooooo much to spend!  Given the fact that I spent nothing, I was thrilled with the class.  Here's some off the techniques I most liked:
Tag 1- painting grugeboard with a dauber, then wiping away for a faded, watercolor effect.
Tag 3 - alcohol ink plaid background. . . easy, fun, addicting and totally new to me (and I consider myself a bit of an alcohol ink expert)
Tag 4 - using photo corners to make an ornament/pin was okay.  Loved using unmounted/assorted stamps to make a custom collage background
Tag 5 - my favorite!  I loved the combination of techniques on this background which gave a beautiful, subtle, yet textured background.  I also loved using fragments (with stickles behind them and metal tape on the top)  to make Christmas ornaments.
Tag 6 - Loved combining two very different stamps (jalopy car and tree), tied together with twine to create a completely new element
Tag 7 - Paint (dauber) resist is a technique that Tim has demonstrated before, but this one worked really well.  I also loved how the layering on this one really  helped the masked Santa image pop!
Tag 8 - My vellum never turned into a crispy, curly parchment like Tim's did, but I still like this tag.  I especially like the combination of grungeboard elements.
Tag 10- I didn't have the special foil tape, so faked this one.  It turned out okay, but will be a good illustration for a party page in my JYC.
Tag 11 - I love the paint & resist approach to coloring the reindeer. Tim used a special button making tool for  this (which seemed kindof goofy).  I simply covered brads with sticky-backed canvas that I stamped.  I think it's a cool technique for making custom brads and a nice flower center.
Tag 12 - Grunge paper roses were quite the hit on Tim bulletin boards over the summer, and he posted instructions for the first time as the final day of tags.  What a gift to all his fans!

Overall, Tim is a master of layering, composition and embellishment creation. He also teaches in a very clear way how to use all his various products.  I have taken 3 or 4 classes from Tim and have followed his blog tutorials.  Even with that background, I still learned a lot! It was a terrific class.

Santa brought me a gift certificate for a new Dina Wakley journaling class.  I've just started it, and it looks fantastic!  So, look for art work from that class and a review in January.


Margie said...

Your tags turned our really nice. It's neat to see someone's full set after looking at all the tag's on TH's blog.

Sian said...

Wow, that's a scary amount to spend! Much more fun to use what you've got like you did. I'll be interested to hear how you enjoy your new art journaling class..I'm thinking of doing the Get It Scrapped photography one in January

scrappyjacky said...

Your tags have turned out great...and thank goodness you didn't have to spend all that money!!!! I only made the one...but am really pleased with it ....and may attempt more next year!!!Will be interesting to hear about your new class.

Sonja said...

Wow! That's wild to see that all tallied up like that. Just shows you how much lessons translate into sales.

Isn't it nuts how much we spend on our crafts?! But, whatever, it's so much fun and as one of my teachers liked to say, "It's cheaper than therapy." hahaha!

Love your tags, especially all the wonderful swirls! I'm such a sucker for swirls! :)

sharyncarlson said...

Gorgeous tags! So beautiful, as always. And what a fun gift you received to be able to take a new class. I was also lucky to receive 2 BPS classes for Christmas, 1 from my family and 1 from my husband's family :)

Anonymous said...

Another fabulous project. I've always wondered how much I have in materials and tools--but I guess I really don't want to know. One of my goals for 2010 is to use what I have unless I have a specific NEED for a project. I love the car and tree, too and was interested to see a little snowman stamp that I also have but haven't used in quite some time on tag #4. I've seen Diana's classes advertised, so I'll be interested in what you think of it.