Friday, January 1, 2016

Winter Time Photography Scavenger Hunt Round-Up

#2 Tinsel
Joy at Daisy Row and Eileen at In My Playroom  host a wintertime photography scavenger hunt, and I've enjoyed playing along. Eileen is hosting the first monthly link-up (find it here). I'm about half-way through the list! Just sharing the final holiday-ish find today; figured I better grab a photo before all the holiday decorations were removed. I need to keep my eye out for a robin and figure out what a "pudding" is, as I'm sure it's not an American term - LOL! The rest should be doable. You can find most of my earlier posts at this link. Are you playing along? 
1.   A robin redbreast
2.   Tinsel
3.   Outside lighting
4.   A star
5.   A snowman
6.   A puddle
7.   Berries and/or nuts
8.   A wreath
9.   A tree that has lost all its leaves
10.  A windy day
11.  Your favourite pudding
12.  A fancy button
13.  Street art
14.  Afternoon tea
15.  Candle light
16.  A chimney
17.  A ladder
18.  An arrow
19.  A fountain
20.  Cutlery
21.  Your own handwriting (this one is compulsory and cannot be substituted)


Lady Ella said...

A pudding is a dessert! (At least for this purpose.)
You have done so well so quickly - wow.

Eileen T said...

Wow, you've done well so far. As Ella says, a pudding is a dessert, so I hope that makes it easier for you. I'm impressed that you've got the windy day one as a lot of people, myself included, seem to be struggling with that one.

Maggie said...

You are doing well Rinda. It is amusing that the term pudding is unfamiliar to you. I often find that the Summer hunt has words that I have to think what their meaning is. Amazing how one language can be so diverse.

debs14 said...

Deb Turtle was curious about pudding when she visited that time! It's just a dessert, should be easy to find now!