Friday, January 2, 2015

Winter Photography Scavenger Hunt

Item #12: Silhouette
Thank you to everyone for your suggestions  about how to make the administration of the Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt easier. I'm definitely thinking about them and will be adopting some of the ideas.  In the meantime, I wanted to highlight the Wintertime Photographic Scavenger Hunt being administered by Joy of Daisy Row and Eileen of In My Playroom. They both emailed me during my blog break to ask if I would mind, and I certainly don't. I thought it would be fun to play along. I took the sunset silhouette above and then checked my photographs from December 1 and found a few other things on the list:
#9 Festive Lights (a house in our neighborhood)
#2 Someone wearing a funny hat (Aria in a green Elf hat)
#17 Texture (version 1) - stickered sign in trail head parking lot
#17 Texture (Version 2) Seed pods on a trail
#20 A Nativity (actually 3 of them)
Alternative A: New Life (baby Luna)
Alternate B: A Decorated Tree

Here's their list of items:
1. Reflection in water
2. Someone wearing a funny hat - done
3. Ornate door knocker
4. Breakfast
5. Something that is over 100 years old (coming soon!)
6. Winter weather
7. Someone dressed for the season
8. A fish
9. Festive lights - done
10. A letter shape in nature or in an object
11. Polka dots
12. Silhouette - done
13. Stained glass window
14. Partly built new building
15. Bunting
16. A collection (of anything)
17. Texture - done
18. Shadow
19. Street musicians
20. Nativity scene  - compulsory and can’t be substituted. - done
Alternative A - new life - done
Alternative B - a decorated tree - done
Are you playing along?


Eileen T said...

Wow, what a fantastic start. Your silhouette photo is beautiful. It's lovely to have you joining in with the scavenger hunt - good luck on finding the rest!

Amanda said...

Thanks for sharing this Rinda. I'll definitely play along.

alexa said...

That's a splendid set of festive lights! I like how for your winter finds it has not been been necessary to go far from home - so much of what we need is actually close by! Your sunset is lovely ...

JoAnn ( Scene Through My Eyes) said...

Great selections - I am working on mine, finding things to take pictures of. I sure enjoy the scavenger hunts and look forward to yours next summer.

Maggie said...

A great selection ? I love the silhouette sky and all the nativities.

Maggie said...

Not sure where that question mark came from!

ForgedinPaper said...

I love the photos. I was thinking about this one but The only nativity I saw I can't post photos of as it was at school. Happy Hunting😊

Susanne said...

Nice snaps, you are a great photo-huntress.

Ladkyis said...

I have to go to my daughters for the nativity and there was a bit of a crisis a few years ago when we believed that the cat had eaten Baby Jesus. She had actually batted him under the freezer and he wasn't found for over a year until the freezer had to be replaced and the old one was moved. There was Bay Jesus a little chewed but otherwise fine

laurie said...

I have participated your photo scavenger hunt for the past few years and enjoy the way it really makes me more aware of my surroundings. Thanks for visiting my blog - I took a long break, which was a good thing, and am glad to be back. :-)

Melissa said...

Great photos & a FUN list. I especially like the silhouette

Karen said...

Your first photo is a stunner! There's so much on my list right now, I wasn't going to get involved with this, but I think I'll print out the list and see what I can find, after all! You were the push I needed.

scrappyjacky said...

Great selection.

Cheri said...

Love that silhouette! I didn't know about this one so will have to sit out - Christmas is all put away already.

Alison said...

I have just posted my first picture ....a great start for you, Rinda! Xx