Sunday, September 8, 2013

Faces and Lessons: Pairing Photos and AJ Pages

I'm making an art journal featuring faces for the Shimelle class Learn Something New Everyday.  For most lessons, I'm also taking an instagram photo.  Here's a couple of the pages from my journal and the accompanying instagram photo.  The lesson for Sept. 7 was "Sometimes you can accomplish something in just a few minutes." I parked in this limited time spot and still had plenty of time to get the photo of City Hall I needed for the Scavenger Hunt.

The lesson for Sept. 3  was "Don't be afraid to take a chance. Sometimes you get lucky!" The lesson was learned when I decided to try to grab lunch at my favorite burger spot between two meetings, even though I wasn't sure I would have enough time. I was lucky; there was a parking spot out front and no line! I really enjoyed my burger from 5 Guys (instagram of a bag of their potatoes).  
I don't always have a photo to pair with my art journal page, but I am finding that snapping photos throughout the day gives me a variety of lessons to choose from when I do sit down to make my journal page. It does feel a little bit like I'm doing the class twice, but it seems to work okay. Is anyone else doing instagram and something else?


Amy said...

It gives you options Rinda!

Our new puppy is a German Shepherd ... obviously her nose will grow a lot!

Missus Wookie said...

Yeah for successful lunches between meetings. Glad that it worked out for you. Interesting swapping between the two but as Amy says it does give you options.

Sian said...

I love the idea of the challenge of a quick parking spot to add a bit of urgency to your snapping :)

Karen said...

I'm a fan of Five Guys too! Your faces just get better and better!

Miriam said...

Hello Rinda. Catching up wit you today. I hope by now your leg is better, what a pain! Both physically and mentally!! The cat with the quote is my favourite of the first post I read, I have a soft spot for a cat.
I have this on my desk: Dogs have owners, cats have staff.
I loved your Simple Moment, it’s a long long time since I was so wrapped up in a book. The way you felt when you finished the book reminded me of my mother. When she was getting near to the end of a book she loved she would go back a few chapters to prolong the end!
I really love the dinosaur post, the textures are wonderful.
Your Passport to Art looks so good. Well done for completing it. I hope you find a way to show us the whole book; I would love to see it finished

I am doing LSNED again this year. I have made my template to do it digitally again but I’ve not put a page together yet.
Love your PHC I missed being able to link up this month but I will post my PHC in a few days.

I just have a photo of me to do for the Scavenger Hunt and I’m not happy with one other find so I am almost done. Looking forward to linking up on 21st and looking through everyone’s posts in one big scavenger hunt blog hop! Thank you for organising the hunt again, I love it! It was interesting to read how you put it together, thanks for that.

Irene said...

Glad you had time for lunch. Five Guys is my favorite. I see improvement in your faces.

Abi said...

I am really enjoying seeing your instagrams Rinda. Even though I am not doing the class I feel I am learning a lot from the wisdom of others!

Melissa said...

The photos and art journal works great together! I'm doing photo plus journaling box & having a great time.

BTW - posted the second bonus photo for the scavenger hunt today - so excited to get them all & the 2 bonuses!!

Becky said...

Some great lessons and lovely faces and Instagrams.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

You WERE lucky to get in and out of Five Guys with time to spare! I love that place, but it's not the fastest service I've ever seen. ;o)

Love the way you've paired your LSNED with art journal pages. Clever you!

alexa said...

I love these drawn faces on top of the wash of colour ... I am looking forward to seeing the class progresses and what you are from it.