Tuesday, September 17, 2013

5 in 5: Boxer Stadium

Hope to see you all back this weekend for the final Scavenger Hunt link-up! That's when you'll let me know how many items you found and be entered in the final prize give-away (there's two prizes . . . one open to people who found all the items and one open to everyone who participated, regardless of how many items you found).
My blog friend Sandie is hosting a monthly photo challenge where you take photographs in one location for five minutes and then select and edit your favorite five from the shoot. You can see the September participants at this link.  This month I took photographs at Boxer Stadium while waiting for my son's soccer game to start:
This doorway is what first caught my eye and started my five minutes.
Stairway aisle
Still life created by drain, cigarette and ivy
Bleachers, looking up
Ivy, climbing down the wall.
This is the second time I have participated in this practice (you can see my first 5in5 here), and I have found it a very helpful. In five short minutes (plus selection and editing time), I feel like I learn something about photography and editing. For most of these shots, I took multiple images of the item, moving around to capture different perspectives and to see how the light fell from different angles and different sides. I also explored many different areas of the stadium, truly seeing and noticing parts of it which I would have passed by otherwise. In editing the photos, I thought hard about how to crop them for maximum impact.  Finally, in the selection process, I tried to come up with a balanced grouping that had a similar feel and color palette. I think texture is a big theme in these photos.
If you're a photographer of any level, I urge you to give this meme a try. I think you will improve your photography skills each month! Is anyone else up for the challenge? What do you think of my choice of venue and photos this month?  Got a favorite?


Sandie said...

You have really explored the benefit of truly focusing into five minutes for a photo shoot, Rinda.
Like you, I take some of the same subject from different angles and love the occasional surprise when I see something I might otherwise miss.
The contracts in colour and textures really shows what you can achieve in this time. I love the angle of the numbered steps going down and the rows of seats. And as much as the technical challenge and your opportunity to practice editing, I'm glad you have also discovered how much fun this challenge is!
Thank you for taking part again, I love what you add to this neme :) x

Lesley G said...

I love your bleachers photo - we love baseball but just have to settle with watching it on tv in the UK. We did get two games in on our recent visit to florida but not in the bleachers!

Missus Wookie said...

Interesting selection. I keep considering adding this meme as I enjoy seeing other's versions.

Karen said...

It's another great collection. I love the lines in the steps and the bleachers.

Irene said...

Fantastic photos.

Sian said...

I love the colours and texture: all that stone makes me want to reach out and touch..

Cheri said...

What really stands out for me in this grouping is the very linear, almost industrial feel to the bleachers, stairs, drainage grate, and the vent above the dressing room door. The picture of the ivy climbing down the stone is an anomaly, feeling very organic and earthy - great study! May have to try this meme when life slows down a bit.

alexa said...

And the textures was the first thing I noticed ... What a super collection, all from one spot!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I like the ones with the ivy.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

What a cool set of photos, Rinda. My favorite is the stairs with descending numbers - really cool perspective.

Anonymous said...

That's a neat bunch of pictures Rinda. I like the stairs one and that still life most.