Sunday, July 14, 2013

Monday Morning Round Up

Scavenger Hunt Item #5: A Sunset
I've been very busy taking all kinds of classes this month! I hope you've enjoyed what I've been posting.  Today, I wanted to stop and catch my breath a bit and reflect on a few things as summer goes rushing by.  
First, the 2013 Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt is in full-swing! I love seeing so many wonderful finds pop up in blog land.  The linky at the end of June (here) was a big success! I'll do another one at the end of July (and August, as well as on September 21 or so). I promised a prize to someone who commented or linked-up, and I have been terribly neglectful.  The winner is: Susan of Honeysuckle Cottage and Wisteria Studio.
Also, here's a few shout-outs to some interesting finds that I have seen posted:
Nicky's very colorful fence.
Jane's tiny theatre.
Miriam's sandy dinosaur.
Karen's beautiful candles, mighty fisherman and unique thing taking a nap.
Cool Quilting's surreal airplanes
So far, I've found 12 of the 21. I know where to find most of the rest of them (I just need to take some trips), although finding something that doesn't belong or is clearly out of place will depend a bit on serendipity.
Next, I wanted to check-in on how I've been doing on my summer plans. My purpose in making this check-list was to make sure that I had some summertime fun and accomplished a few projects as well. The balance is working so far!
Some of the things I've accomplished are: picked sea glass and blackberries; took Clara and her friends to have summer fun at Great America, Fisherman's Wharf and the Boardwalk; planned a trip to a Stern Grove concert; signed up for dog obedience classes starting in August; done lots of exercise and on-line art classes; called the computer guy; scheduled doctor and dentist appointments for the kids; and an eye doctor appointment for me.
Our biggest accomplishment has been the garage. It is almost completely cleaned out! We are working on getting a TV set up for the Wii and also some sort of game table (ping-ping, pool, air hockey, etc.). Now I'm hoping the kids will bring their friends over to hang out.
Some of the things I still need to do are: schedule my own doctor and dentist appointments; go to the zoo, the Filoli Estate and the museum; hang out and relax in the backyard with friends. All-in-all, the summer is going along pretty well!
Third, I wanted to reflect on some of the things I've learned about myself in taking the Find Your Voice Storytelling Workshop. I've learned a lot about myself as a story teller - I realized that I want to tell stories about me (from various time periods in my life - past and present) and am still considering telling "the big story" (our life during the last year). I'm enjoying recording a variety of travel related stories for the Passport to Art class, and I find these to be good practice. It's definitely challenging for me to tell longer stories. My forte in the past has really been stories of about a paragraph in length only! I have realized this is because I tend to tell stories mainly in my blog (WORDS plus photos or PHOTOS plus words). I also tell stories in my scrapbook, in my art journals and through photography; but again, these tend to have few words attached to them.   I also really like my answer to the question posed: "why do you create?" You can see my pie chart above, but the biggest reason I create is that it is an outlet for my thoughts, feelings and emotions. I also create to make connections with others and to get feedback; to create a record of activities, relationships, thoughts and things; and to make things that I enjoy looking at or re-reading. It took a while to figure out the answer to why, but I think (for me) I managed to capture it. Have you ever pondered the question why you create? If so, I'd love to hear you anser. 


Amy said...

Unfortunately I missed the first linky but I am planning to visit those you have linked to today - my first scavenger hunt post went up yesterday so I am really interested to see what others have found.

Yes, I am enjoying your recent posts, you often remind me to think more about what and why I am scrapping and photographing - a very good thing because often I just barge in a do it without too much though!

Amy said...

PS That's a lovely sunset!

Lesley G said...

Wow, you're doing really well at crossing those things off your list, I have 13 to-dos on my list for today - beautiful sunset :)

alexa said...

A glorious sunset :). Oh, so many questions to think about, Rinda! I really need to create a space to do that in. I am starting my Scavenger Hunt but progress is slow.

Abi said...

You are having such a fun and busy summer Rinda. That storytelling class looks fab. I'm still pondering why I create!

Unknown said...

I love to create as a way to relax and express my feelings. I chose paper as my medium originally as no one in my family used paper in their creative pursuits. I come from a competitive family and I was never going to be better than the 'artist' or the 'quilter' or the 'sewer' so I never even thought to try. I regret it now, but as no one else uses paper still, I am safe :)

I have enjoyed your class posts so far.

JO SOWERBY said...

I tend to create because I feel driven to do something other than feel depressed and if I've had a long break because of depression I go a bit gaga. I also creat to share my stories with family and friends so that my story and theirs are not lost in the ether. I also create because it gives me a sense of purpose and pride that I have made something orginal to me,
Jo xxx

Jo Murray said...

Nice to see that SOME people can get organised. Am sadly lacking in this department lately. Have found some of the scavenger items already, tho' I was going to wait for our O/S trip. I guess I can't bypass items that jump up in front of me. Must post soon.

Annie Claxton said...

hey Rinda, love your pie chart - brilliant idea! Sounds like you're having a very busy but fun and productive time this summer - enjoy! I'm thinking I need to put a couple of things on hold for a bit ... but which?! :o)

Missus Wookie said...

Oh yes I've thought about why I create (taught a class about thinking about it too) it is such an important and integral part of me now. Yes an outlet for emotions, thoughts, feelings, stories, a way to relax and get into the flow that is so good for me. Blogging has changed the way I scrap/save stories now too.

Gorgeous sunset and I'm so glad you have been both productive and having fun this summer.

Karen said...

Your sunset photo is simply stunning! I'm enjoying all your creative posts, and wish I had time to be as productive as you are. I had no idea what July would bring, but daily visits to the hospital certainly weren't anticipated!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful sunset! Hmmm, why do I create - that's definitely something for me to think about.