Sunday, April 17, 2011

Alphanumeric Blog Hop: Grandpa's Wishing Well

Welcome to my post today, which is part of an Alphanumeric Blog Hop put together by the wonderful Mel. My post is brought to you by the letter "W."  
My post was inspired by an email I got from one of my cousins, on my mom's side of the family, who reads my blog.  When she saw the collage I posted here, she felt compelled to let me know how much she liked it.  She also said, "With such an interest and talent for art and photography,was there anyone in your family that you know of with a talent for the arts?  Did you know that our grandfather Manuel Luna was known to be a very excellent blacksmith along with popsicle art, I guess now known as folk art." And that got me thinking about the artists in my family . . . 
I did know my Grandfather was quite a craftsman.  I love this picture of him working for the railroad.  And I also treasure this one of him working in his garage on Cochran Street (Houston, Texas) on a set of doll furniture for my older sister, Cordelia:
One of my all-time favorite family heirlooms is this Wishing Well, which my Grandfather made out of Popsicle sticks:
I kept it in my room as a child and recovered it sometime after my  mother passed away.
I love all the little details:
I know I've seen a popsicle stick purse which he also made, but that never called to me the way the Wishing Well did. There's just something special about the magical possibilities inherent in a Wishing Well, don't you think?  I'm so glad my mom kept it and that I was able to inherit it.
My mom's artistic talents ran more to sewing (a family trait I did not inherit, as I described in this post) and ceramics.  She made this adorable angel which lives in the laundry room, along side the Wishing Well, keeping me company as I go through my day.
If you've read this far, I think you deserve the opportunity to win something.  How about an assortment of cards featuring artwork made by my very talented daughter?
To enter, simply leave a comment noting whether an artistic nature runs in your family.  Although my daughter dabbles in painting, printing and mixed media, I think her passion really lies in sculpture, like the pumpkins and nest she created.  I think my Grandfather would have particularly liked the flower she sculpted out of toothpicks, featured on the card in the upper right hand corner.  It makes it seem like his art has come full circle.
Edited to add:  Congratulations to Mariana on winning the prize.
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humel said...

Well, what a wonderful post, Rinda :-) I really enjoyed this - it's a very characteristic post for you, I think!

Interesting thought about creativity as a family trait. To be honest, I don't think anyone in my family has been particularly creative or artistic - not to my knowledge, anyway!

Thanks so much for taking part in my hop xx

Anonymous said...

I always love reading about your talented and interesting family. I wish I knew more about the artistic talents of mine. My father was a musician, and played the piano beautifully. He was also a choral conductor and a music professor. Neither my brother or I inherited one bit of his talent.

Anonymous said...

I always love reading about your talented and interesting family. I wish I knew more about the artistic talents of mine. My father was a musician, and played the piano beautifully. He was also a choral conductor and a music professor. Neither my brother or I inherited one bit of his talent.

helena said...

wonderful that you have that wishing well

My maternal grandfather painted in oils - my Mum has several and he also crocheted lace baby jackets (nto sure how he gained such an unusual skill for a man). My mother paints and used to sew

My Dad's amternal grandmother worked as a dressmaker and also made hats

Guess I should make some Layouts !

debs14 said...

Those little details on the wishing well and just adorable, such patience he must have had.
Not too much craftiness in my genes I am afraid - although my father had the most beautiful copper-plate handwriting. That was a work of art in itself.

Mary B said...

Beautiful little wishing well
My father was a artist though he wouldn't have described himself that way but he did some really lovely pen and ink pictures. Unfortunately not of them seem to have survived

Carol Anne said...

I think my creativity comes through my godparents -- one on each side of the family.
My uncle loved to travel and take photographs -- he was quite the photographer. When he died, I was able to obtain his slides of his many trips, including photos from his time serving in the Air Force in Alaska at their time of statehood. I think that's how I come by my photography bug.
My aunt was big into embroidery (like her mother, my grandma). I have many lovely embroidered items that she made and put away especially for me. They are so precious, it's hard for me to actually use them, which is sad. When she died, I was allowed to take many of her needlework supplies and yarns. I've incorporated some of those items into various craft projects over the years.

furrypig said...

WOW! Gorgeous well and angel, you really are a talented family, past, present and future! I don't think my family are particularly artistic tho we will give most things a try! I think DD has a great eye for art and she makes amazing cupcakes!

Jen said...

Interesting thought that creativity or an artistic streak runs through our genes - in my own family - my dad paints in oils, as does my youngest daughter, her nana on her dads side also painted in water colours, my mum has done the most beautiful embroideries - though no longer as she cannot see well enough any longer. Mum was a tailoress by trade so always sewed - and she designed and made all our clothes when we were growing up. My beloved is the most amazing metal worker - a real artisan in his trade - and me - well I faff and fiddle with all kinds of crafts! Love this post!

Miriam said...

Your post is so beautiful Rinda and the wishing well is a wonderful treasure.
My mother and her sister were beautiful seamstresses (lots of ssss there, not too many I hope) and my mother and grandmother both knit. My father was a photographer in the RAF, little bits have passed to me. x

Ginger said...

I had a great aunt that would draw, but I saw her very rarely. My mom dabbles with paint and she encouraged me to create; as a young child she would bring home drawing pads of paper, pencils/charcoal and art books. I think your daughters artistic talents are refreshing and amazing.

Angelfish said...

What an interesting family you have Rinda:)
My maternal grandfather was a very talented artist and so was my beloved cousin.
Fiona x

Anonymous said...

So great that you still have that wishing well and your Mum's angel. My Grandpa did wonderful sketches (I'm lucky to have one that he did on the back of a card) while my cousin (same side of family) has a real talent for doing cartoons but sadly hasn't done it in ages. If you count dancing - my mother was an award winning Scottish dancer in her younger days.

Tracy said...

I love that wishing well, really whimsical. I do come from a family of arty/crafty people, my grandfather, aunt, cousin, mother all drew/painted. My aunt does ceramics, uncle does leather work/stained glass windows. On the other side my aunt paints, and does all sorts of other arts. Knitting, crocheting etc is also rife in our family.
Years ago, my mum made us a whole lot of Barbie furniture with clothes pegs, (with the coil taken out) my favourite was a rocking chair.

Rachel Brett said...

The wishing well is gorgeous :)

Clair said...

I love that wishing well. The little heart details are adorable.

Capescrapper said...

Hi Rinda,

Can I just say, LOVE the wishing well that your Grandfather created. I too had grandfathers that were both super creative but in different ways. My mom's dad was a very talented wood carver and furniture maker and I was the recipient over the years of many of his beautiful creations. My dad's dad was an extremely talented painter and craftsman, and worked for Peter Hunt (Provincetown, MA painter), made the life size Nativity scene that still is used at Christmas time in Wellfleet MA, and did black ink drawings on shells to sell at a local gift shop in town. I am blessed to know that I had these men in my life and can see where my creative side comes from. Thanks for sharing this.

jillconyers said...

Wonderful post. My mom has always been the creative one in our family. Her passion was designing and sewing costumes for the theatre.

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

The wishing well is just lovely!

We are not crafty or creative people in my family. Unless you count running a still during prohibition. :)

Sian said...

What a wonderful post Rinda. Like everyone else, I love the wishing well, but I'm also admiring that fabulous photo of your blacksmith Grandpa. My Grandpa was a sheet metal worker - when all the railings in the street were requisitioned for the war effort in WW2, he was able to make new ones when the war was over. If you go back to the street now, they are still there, while most of the other houses have wooden ones.

Anonymous said...

AMAZING that Clara is into sculpting, Angelina is, too, and i loathe working with clay. She also sketches, a LOT. My side of the family (Mom, Grandma, Aunt and I) always did/do crafts (not the same as art) ... i know Angelina inherited her art talent from Sean's side of the family (he and his brother are very artistic, his mom quilts). Great to see you yesterday!! :D

Mariana in CA

CuddlyBunny said...

It's wonderful reading about your grandfather and daughter! Thank you for sharing!

Also, I agree that there is something amazing and special about a wishing well! :)

akilli melek said...

that wishing well is just fab, you are so lucky to have inherited it

Nicky Stevenson said...

It's interesting looking at the history of your family and where you may have got particular traits. I didn't get to know my family on my father's side, they were from (Former)Yugoslavia - but I have one cousin who is an abstract painter living in London.

laurie said...

i love the old photos you have of your grandpa - such treasures. my dad did a lot of woodworking, my grandma painted and sewed, and my sister is super talented in all crafty areas! my brother now paints military figurines for a living. so i guess i did get the bug from somewhere!

Cheri said...

I don't know about artistic talent in my family going back in time. But I grew up surrounded by crafts. Mom did a stint as a cub scout den mother, so there was the pinewood derbys. And we tried our hand at weaving, macrame, ceramics, crocheting, sewing, woodburning, calligraphy... I think I've done almost all of them at some point in my life! And I'm just now starting into mixed media and am soooooo excited!

scrappyjacky said...

Love the wishing well.

Alison said...

I too love the Wishing Well and the photographs of your family have very few dating back as far as that
Alison xx

Beverly said...

What a beautiful use of the letter W, love seeing the pics of your grandfather and the well is beautiful.

Scrappi Sandi said...

The wishing well & cherub are adorable & such special keepsakes. My mum was very creative but never believd in her own talent...she taught me to sew & knit & encouraged my childhood interest in crafting. I never did inherit her skill at flower arranging though!!! Sandi :)

Heather said...

Rinda that is such a beautiful little wishing well - you can see it was made with love.
My grandfather used to paint watercolour scenes mostly copied from calendar photos & I have some of his paintings. Some are from the 1930s & extremely fragile now.

Melissa said...

What a great wishing well! Both my grandmothers, my mama & my older sister quilt & sew (I do neither - I figure with so many other women in my family, there was no reason for me to learn LOL). My husband is a wonderful artist and can draw and paint when he takes the time. Enjoyed reading your memories & reflections on artists in your family - thanks for the opportunity to win those lovely cards.

Peonies and Pennies said...

Oh I think creativity runs in my family. My Mum is a seamstress and my Dad and his Mum were very artistic with decorating cakes. I have ancestors on my Mum's side of the family who were tailors, milliners, glove makers and boot makers. Yes as you can guess not only do I love all things crafty but family history as well. What a great post, makes you think about talents been passed down genetically. ~c~

Becky said...

My mum is very artistic and paints beautiful watercolours - she has only started to do this since she retired but apparently painted as a girl. I love your post today - the photo of your grandfather working in the railroad is wonderful and the ceramic your mother made is absolutely beautiful.

Jimjams said...

Wonderful Wishing Well Rinda - no wonder you treasure it.

Creativity runs through our family too - my Mum paints, my brother creates fab art on the PC, my daughter draws, my nieces too.

Michelle S said...

The wishing well is beautiful!

Unfortunately no one in my Family is artistic :( The good news is my 12 year old daughter is following me and loves to try out new things, she loves to paint and has her own scrapbook which she enjoys! Yeh!!!

Amy said...

Rinda you certainly hail from an extremely artistic family, what a treasure to have those special pieces in the family :-)

GlorV1 said...

Wonderful post Rinda. I love that wishing well and so glad you are able to have it. My uncle albert was an artist, my uncle manuel stayed in his room and wrote-I don't know what happened to all his writings, sure wish I did., my son was an artist, my Father made game boards, the ones that use marbles, my uncle Ralph played the guitar, my nephew has his own band and then I guess I come from a line of artistic people. :))Yay! Chorizo by the way was my family pet member dog of 14 years. Her picture is on my sidebar along with my other family pet members. Take care. Great post.

Unknown said...

Our posts did take a very similar turn! I love to discover old family heirlooms, and I LOVE that creativity is often passed through generations. Great post today! :)

Mrsjobee said...

I don't think I have anyone artistic in my family - although my Mum and my Nan used to knit and crochet. Love your wishing well story.

Rachel Holaday said...

What a lovely keepsake and a precious memory for you! TFS!
It seems that most of the artistic talent in our family saved itself for my generation - I'm professional musician, my brother is a professional dancer and choreographer, my sister plays oboe and piano, one of my cousins plays jazz guitar and went to Berklee and another cousin is a professional artist who went to RISD and paints enormous wall size canvases and also sculpts.

Irene said...

I love those artistic treasurers that have so much sentimental value. Our grandmother Cuca and Tia Lupe were very artistic. We have artistic talent spilling out all over our family. LOL :)

Love reading your blogs, you give me so much inspiration and pride in my own family.

Denise said...

Wow- wonderful whimsical wishing well.That is a lovely keepsake.None of my family have been very crafty or artistic really.Just catching up as I have been away since the hop x

Unknown said...

The DIY Popsicle Stick Well craft is so cool. Featured you on Homemade Popsicle Stick Crafts.