Sunday, June 27, 2010

Grateful for Summer and Linky Goodness

Thank you all for the nice comments on the summer-inspired letters I wrote to my kids the last two days.  They were fun to write and a nice way to capture summertime memories for which I had no pictures.  The art which accompanied the posts (here and here) are pages from my Gratitude Art Journal called "Pieces of Me."  The pages are made from plaster, and I am teaching a class on how to make this journal in August.  You can check out two other previously posted pages from my journal - grateful for my town and grateful for each new day.  Today's artwork features the cover and first page of the journal  (thanks to Jacky for the wonderful rusty stars on the first page).
The letters to my children were inspired by a couple of things I have seen recently on the web:  Ali Edwards current series on capturing summer (especially this piece on "Why We Write"),  and Tammy Lee's post about simple summer fun, inspired by Bigger Picture Blogs.
I've seen a few other cool links about summertime including Reasons to Stamp in July over at Gingersnap Creations, which I found through Linda Ledbetter at Studio L3.
Do you have any good summertime links to share?

Coming this week on my blog:
A review of Creativity Boot Camp (and I'll be participating in Madeline's Sunday Creative, the weekly creativity challenge flowing from camp);
a submission for the Shades of Blue challenge at Gingersnap Creations;
and pages from my art journaling class.

Next week, Shimelle's Love Your Pictures, Love Your Pages class starts, and I'm enrolled in that.  In the longer run I'll probably participate in Club Scrap's Yah-Hey-and-So (because I'd like to get caught-up in my scrapping again) and I want to get started on pages for The Street Where I Live.  I'm loving and will continue to participate in the Time Holtz Compendium of Creativity Challenge at Studio L3 and Creative Therapy (biweekly art journal page challenges).  Plus, I'd like to get back to the challenges at Something Completely Different.  Three challenge blogs I have on my radar but haven't participated in yet are Drunken Stampers,  The Burtonesque Dolls and the Copy and Paste Project.  My local mixed-media art group is starting an altered book round robin, so I need to come up with a theme and book to pass around - I'm leaning to the theme of "The Intertidal Zone" or "Seashore" or something like that.
What do you have on tap for your blog this summer?


Sian said...

Good question! I always love a little look ahead, so it's great to see what you have coming up to look forward to. For my own blog, I don't plan ahead very far. Mostly I do spontaneous! But there will be more layouts, for sure, and a couple of sewing and knitting projects and some stories about our camping trip. And another "better blogging" post too. Bring on the summer!

Amy said...

Summer .... what is that??? A long way into the future at the moment!
Because I won't be blogging for a couple of weeks I have plenty of time to think of some new ideas and no doubt the winter holiday will provide numerous stories to tell.
Rinda you have so many great ideas for me to check out - Drunken Stampers sound quite intriguing

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

Wow! Thank you for that. It made my morning!


Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

You are going to be one busy girl this summer. I'm signed up for Shimelle's class as well but that's it for now. I'm planning on finishing up a lot of already-started-projects! (wish me luck!)

Lizzie said...

Wow, what a linky post! Love the Gratitude Journal idea - and the letters to Henry and Clara from earlier in the week.
I hope the last day of your first Art Journalling course went very well. It sounds as if you are planning a busy and art-filled summer.
Not certain about mine. I've signed up for Shimelle's course and have a Guest Blogger spot lined up somewhere. Otherwise, more about books, maybe some scrapping and some more lino-cutting and stamp making. That should keep me quiet for a while!
Thanks for the inspiration (as ever).

debs14 said...

I feel exhausted reading what you are involved in - on top of working and running a household too! Feeling kind of ashamed that I am only signed up for one class. Looking forward to seeing how the new Shimelle class works out, it sounds good doesn't it?

scrappyjacky said...

Busy,busy,busy,Rinda....though I've got quite a bit lined up myself now that my long work break starts.
Shimelle,of course,plus Camp Scrap plus a Jessica Sprague digi card course...and I have a Jessica Sprague self paced photo editing course 'saved' and yet to start!!
Hoping to be able to join in the Tim challenges most weeks.
Also have some sewing projects I may well as my crochet lessons!!
And a holiday as well!!!
Love the way you've used the rusty stars....I knew they'd be your thing.

Anonymous said...

Goodness, I got worn out reading about all you have on your creative plate. I've been in kind of a slump and finding it hard to get back into the world of blogging again. I'm signed up for Shimelle's class but will be away for the first three days of it. I'll have my camera and computer so hopefully I can get the photo part done.

I'm also signed up for Jessica's card class which started today, and will probably sign up for Picture Summer at BPS. I have the first prompt for Sunday Creative saved and need to get to thinking about that.

I'm behind on my Weekly Gratitude pages and I, too, want to get started on a house/street where you live album.

humel said...

You will be busy!! Looking forward to seeing all of this on your blog :-)

Mine will keep going with the Project 365 photos, of course; other than that I just really want to get creating again and when I do I'll be able to share the results! xx

Unknown said...

Gosh you are going to be soo busy this summer! I thought about Shimelle's class but we are away on holiday for half of it. Sometimes find it difficult to keep doing crafting during the summer when the boys are off school!