Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Heavy Metal Relatives & Inspiring Photos

Favorite Relatives (art journal page)
I have to say that the process of taking the Creative Bootcamp Online Class - focusing on creating something everyday in one medium and working with a random prompt - is really ramping up my creativity.  When I read the prompt for today, heavy metal, I groaned because I had no idea how to incorporate it into my plaster work.  Twelve hours later, I had four competing ideas:
  • Using some fabulous rusty stars on the dedication page of my gratitude journal.  These are very special and wonderful stars that were sent to me by a very special blog friend
  • An art journal page responding to the Creative Therapy prompt "A favorite relative" and that features a picture of my Aunt Vera and Uncle Nano riding a motorcycle together in the 1930's.  I would use plaster to create a road for them to ride on and some wings to go behind a skull.  Journaling reads:  Aunt Vera and Uncle Nano.  How could these two not be my favorite relatives - just look at them!  I became close to them when my parents sent my sister and I to stay with them one summer in Houston, Texas.  Years later, I inherited lots of memorabilia and heritage photos from her when my sister and I handled her estate.  Even though they're gone, they live on in my art.
  •  Making tags out of plaster and seeing if I can put eyelets into the plaster.  The tags would be for my art journaling class that starts this weekend and each would have a quote about art journaling.
  • A piece for the "On the Clothesline" series, a heavy metal t-shirt painted black with a silver skull and skinny jeans with teeny brads for rivets.  On the front, the journaling reads: "On the clothesline . . . her heavy metal clothes were waiting."  On the back, I would write, "As her soul softened, she sensed her heavy metal uniform no longer fit her."
Now, it's 20 hours later. I have completed the gratitude dedication page and the "favorite relative" art journal page (posted above) .  Plus, I formed the tags but haven't had a chance to add eyelets, color or quotes.  The "On the Clothesline" piece will have to wait for another day.
I also worked on the bootcamp inspirational assignment to go for a walk and take pictures of things that inspire you.  I walked around the harbor neighborhood near my studio and found these inspiring things.  I encourage you to click on any of the ones you like to see them bigger:
Jeff Clark's Maverick's Surf Shop is right down the street.  If you're a surfer or know surfers, then it will mean something to you that Jeff Clark lives in my town, and the Mavericks Big Wave spot is walking distance from my studio. He has a bunch of old rusted out trucks in front and an assortment of surfboard.  I would love to take portraits in front of these!  For now, I really loved this perspective, sky and color combination above.
You may recall that I love graffiti photography, and I loved this landscape of the bluff above Mavericks, which was painted on a container outside the surf shop.  I can tell it's an old painting because the satellite dishes shown on the bluff top have been replaced by new, more modern versions.
One of my neighbors.  I love the industrial nature of the harbor. I also find inspiring the weathered red metal, the blue, blue sky and the shapes in this photo.
I'd love to take portraits in front of this weathered wood wall.
My favorite find of the day - a beautiful statue of an angel reading.  I'm submitting this photo as my "final" for the Get Out of Auto Mode photography class.  It was taken in aperture priority with an fstop of 5.6, ISO 200 and WB set to full sun.
Crabpots, weathered wood and rusty metal - wonderful textures.  Crabpots are everywhere, and I love them.  Here's a look inside one:
I find the jumble of robes and floats and metal very intriguing.  I also love the barnacles and shells trapped inside. Next up, s simple flower photo.  I found the color and shapes very inspiring, but admit to having trouble getting a proper focus:
And finally, I took a real (not an i-phone) photo of the red truck and green tree outside the studio:
I have no idea why I find this view so inspiring.  The colors and the old-fashioned feel of it are definitely a part of it.  Sorry for the long, long post today! I hope you found something inspiring in it!


Deanna said...

Love your interpretation of 'Heavy Metal'! You took some awesome pics walking around the neighborhood also. I really need to get out and do that.

krissilugbill said...

once again, your work is beautiful!

Amy said...

Well done on the angel shot - it's a great one! I love the up close of the crab pot, I'm always drawn to these types of things when I'm near the ocean/beach/sea, also love taking shots of boats and parts of them.

helena said...

love your neighbourhood through your eyes and lens - it is so inspiring. Great ideas on heavy metal - must admit I didn't do the prompt due to lack of ideas and busy on other things

Sian said...

I've found lots that's inspiring in it! All of those photos for a start - you know I like graffiti photos too- and I love the old photo of your aunt and uncle and the thought that you are still visiting with them when you make art about them.

And I hope you do get a chance to make the clothesline piece..the whole clothesline idea is a favourite of mine :)

Lizzie said...

Was it a long post? I was so absorbed that I didn't notice!

I really like your "Heavy Metal" A.J. page - your aunt and uncle must have seemed very cool to you when you were a kid! That photo is fab.

The other pics that you took around your studio neighbourhood are lovely. All the bright, happy colours, blue skies, green trees, great contrasts... and I agree that there is something very appealing about that shot of the red truck and the green tree. Maybe you could use a vintage-feel overlay to print it out, then either put it in your art journal, or make a "vintage" scrap page? One day, when you've finished all the other projects you have lined up!!

scrappyjacky said...

Another stunning interpretation, Rinda....I love how even the colours you've used say 'heavy metal'....and what a wonderful photo to own.
Your 'walkabout' photos are great near the sea I also love all the weathered wood and rusty metal you see whenever you walk near the beach front...especially in the fishing area.

Julie Shoemaker said...

I'd say it's a great post Rinda. I love the photo of the statuary angel reading. You wouldn't want to send me a copy would you? You have had quite an industrious day. Wish I could have been on that walk with you today...very cool. I'm excited about your classes starting...good luck.

Anonymous said...

Inspiring??? Always. I'm always anxious to see what you have up next! I enjoyed reading about your ideas, and although I do love the piece you've posted, I'm looking forward to the next clothesline piece.

And for your walkabout . . . oh, if only there were so many interesting things to photograph here. I can't decide which one I like the best. The Surfshop sign and the closeup of the crabpot are two favorites. Later to day I'll go see what I can find around here. It rained all day yesterday so I put off the photo walk. I did get some heavy metal photos late in the day but they are still waiting for me to decide what to do with them. I don't like getting a day behind here, but it's happened.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

I love your photos, Rinda! As I scrolled down the angel shot caught my attention right away and then I was glad to hear that it's the one you'll be submitting as your final shot. Very nice!!!

I like the red truck and green tree myself...not to mention the cute white picket fence in the background...

humel said...

So good to catch up with your blog :-) I love how you're doing a gratitude art journal through boot camp! Your pages are fabulous. Glad to hear that Clara had a great birthday, too xx

debs14 said...

Great photos! I'm pleased my husband isn't the only one who takes pictures of random quayside things. I once overheard a passerby saying 'what on EARTH is that man taking a photo of there?' when he was taking a closeup of a rusting boat chain! The angel reading is a beautiful shot.
I love how you manage to make memories out of your old photos, truly inspiratinal Rinda.

Unknown said...

Great photos and another fab journal page.

laurie said...

i love the page you did on your aunt and uncle - a very vintage look but the feeling of being young and daring is timeless.
i also was moved by the shot of the angel reading. i am a reading interventionist so reading is very close to my heart - and now i know it is heavenly. :-)

Crafting Queen said...

Love your art journal page, great textures. Great photos. Anesha

Heather said...

That wasn't a long post - that was a great post absolutely stuffed with your imagination & creativity!! I love reading your posts (even long ones) so don't apologise just start composing the next one lol xx

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

Great job. I think I could visit the surf shop and be inspired each day. I really don't like the water despite living in Florida but I love beach colors and beach music. :)