Friday, June 11, 2010

Getting into the fluid flow of summer

In the Harbor (acrylic paint on plaster)
Today's artwork was created in response to the Creativity Boot Camp prompt "fluid."  Today's prompt also suggested creating something outside your typical style.  So, I went with an abstract piece.  Definitely not my style, but I'm okay about trying out new things every now and then.  On the other hand, I really do like developing a particular style and creating within it right now.  I think it's really helping me create art that is uniquely me. And I'm not wild about this piece, called "In the Harbor."  It reflects some of the things I saw in my walk around my harbor neighborhood the other day.  I really struggle with abstract pieces and don't see myself doing many more of them. How do you feel about abstract art?

"Fluid" also made me think of the start of summer . . . The kids' school ended on Thursday, and I'm thrilled to be out of the "up at 6:30 am; run around all day; oversee homework; put them to bed" rut!  
Oddly enough, I did get up at 6:30 am this morning anyway, but it was to watch the opening game of the World Cup - South Africa v. Mexico!  We'll definitely be watching a lot of soccer this summer, as the whole family are big fans.  DS Henry and I watched the game this morning on the Spanish language station, Univision, instead of ESPN.  Even though ESPN has credible announcers (not as good as the BBC) and even though I don't speak Spanish (Henry does), it was still way more exciting to watch it in Spanish!  Tomorrow of course is the biggest game of the qualifying round for us  - U.S. v. England.  I don't hold out a lot of hope for our boys, but, given England's propensity to self-destruct (apologies to all my UK followers), anything is possible.
On tap for this summer - DD Clara starts Jr. Lifeguards on Monday (five hours at the beach everyday; she loves it).  Then she'll go down to Southern California to visit cousins.  In August, we'll head up to Lake Tahoe for a week.  DS Henry is playing on three different baseball teams - as long as the games don't conflict with the World Cup.  He's also got a regular volunteer job lined up starting at the end of the month, working at a sports camp.  I'm teaching a class two nights a week this summer -alternative dispute resolution.  By doing so, I'll have a much lighter teaching schedule next year.  I actually started back this week already! During the days, I hope to spend time in my art studio and work on some research and writing for my real job.
So, what's up for you this summer?  Are you World Cup followers? Any big plans?


helena said...

love the colours in your piece. I'm not gernerally drawn to abstract art - I always want a narrative in the art I consume.

Your summer plans sound great - I always like to have a balance between artistic and academic/brain creativity and find that doing both each week is more productive than spending more time on just one of them.

Sian said...

The only sport I ever watch is the World Cup and Formula One racing..both of which I suddenly developed a fondness for about a week before I discovered I was expecting a boy. Now we watch them together.

I love the sound of your summer plans. We have another couple of weeks of school to go here and then we are going on a road trip .

Anonymous said...

I think its lovely, love the fluid pinks and turquoise and the yellow speckles too. I actually love abstract art and feel it gives the artist a true sense of freedom. I find it especially useful when your conscious mind can't find a direction as your sub conscious kicks in and you can pour your heart out.
jay x

Julie Shoemaker said...

Nothing abstract brain doesn't know what to do with it :). The only summer plans I have are a brief camping/fishing trip and my children coming to visit in August. Summer months are my busiest working months, so I don't have a lot of free time. Hope you have a great summer Rinda.

Cheri said...

I'm not usually a fan of abstract. But big kudos to you for stepping outside your comfort zone and trying something new!

Anonymous said...

My father was a music professor with a passion for art, so I grew up going to art exhibits, frequently by abstract artists. I love the color and am draw to the composition of abstract art, but it doesn't speak to me in the same way other art styles do.

Your summer sounds busy, but wonderful. As my son says, "When you're retired, it's summer all year!" There's some truth to that. Aside from a short trip to Tanglewood to hear James Taylor and Carole King (combined with a couple of days with my brother) we have no special plans for the summer.

Unknown said...

Wow I think that page is great - even though I am not normally a fan of abstract art! We have another three weeks at school before the hols, going away for two weeks in July. DH and DS2 are great footie fans so will be glued to the TV for the next few weeks.

debs14 said...

Lovely colours in this piece Rinda and you are never scared to try something new so even though I'm not a huge 'abstract' fan, I think you've done a great job interpreting shapes and colours from your trip.
So. England v USA. We have friends coming over to watch the game and I shall raise a glass to you at kick off and think of you watching on your side of the ocean! Yes, we have some great players, but they don't always work together as a great team! So I'll be holding my breath on this one. May the best team win!

Capescrapper said...

Beautiful artwork! Very fluid!
We are going to visit my brother and his family this summer in Florida. Very excited because we haven't seen them in 2 yrs!

Jennifer Grace said...

I'm not normally drawn to abstract art, either by myself or other people, but sometimes it can 'speak' to you, if you give it a chance to talk! I like it that abstract art can often be interpreted in more ways than others.

For example I was staring at your picture and at first it made me think of a big surfing wave, then because of the colours I pictured it as an angry threatening wave, but next I decided it looked more like a cloud, perhaps a thundercloud. But then the yellow speckles suddenly jumped out at me like magic and turned the scence into a starry cosmic dance of some kind. I enjoyed the journey that it gave my senses, and think in letting an abstract piece wash over you in this way, it gives it a kind of narrative, personal to your own circumstances and perspective. If you had just created a picture of a harbour, it would have be intesting and probably emotive, but it would have still been a harbour, with less room for my own interpretations.

So I say don't discount abstract - but don't use it if you want viewers to have a clear impression of a meaning!!

scrappyjacky said...

Not a great lover of abstract either.....but great to try somrthing different....and love those colours.....definately looks 'fluid'.
The World Cup is the only time I watch football....and,sadly,know just what you mean about England self destructing!!

Tammy Lee Bradley said...

I bet it was fun to push outside your comfort zone. You did it! Yay!

Stay sweet. ♥ tlb

nancy y said...

It does have a fluid feel to it, and I'll bet the texture is very cool also - but I'm like you, not so big on the abstract art!

Sounds like a busy, but enjoyable summer ahead for you! We're off on a road trip to Washington to visit family with a stop along the way to see waterfalls along the Columbia River Gorge. Even though my kids are grown, summer still does seem like a more kicked back for me... lazy days!

laurie said...

abstract is not my favorite but you did a great job with this piece. i applaud you for "stepping out" with a different style. sounds like you have a fun summer planned.

humel said...

Yup, we self-destructed.... The Doctor's following the World Cup keenly, I'm following it, The Girl watches games if it means she can stay up past her usual bedtime, The Boy is frankly uninterested!!

I like your piece but abstract isn't my usual style either. If I made something like this I'd probably use it as a background to something. But I like how it answers the prompt :-)