Monday, April 5, 2010

What's on your creative/class agenda?

Well, Easter's over (but I'm featuring our eggs from this year up top - we colored brown eggs to get jewel toned eggs; someone suggested they looked like eggs Tim Holtz would color!), and Shimelle's Something from (almost) Nothing should be done (you can read my review of that class Here).  I am loving Dina Wakley's Art Journal 101 class, but that will be over next week.
Lately, I've been pondering what's next.  I don't have any other classes in the cue (or is it que?).  I'm very caught up in my scrapbooking, unless I want to finally tackle my wedding or heritage albums. So, I'm not that interested in a scrapbooking class.  The only one I'm looking at is this once-a-month, year long freebie - The Street Where You Live at Get it Scrapped.  It looks interesting, and it's the kindof thing I could jump into late.  Plus, the price is right!
The one type of class I would seriously consider taking right now is a photography class.  My problem with online photography classes is that they seem really expensive to me.  I've never spent more than $45 on an online class, and I think I would have a hard time doing that. I may try to find a "live" class near my home.  I've also considered purchasing some of the Nikon DVD classes, such as the ones listed here.  I'd appreciate any feedback  or suggestions on photography classes. ETA: Has anyone taken Get out of Auto Mode with Alisha S at Big Picture Scrapbooking? It's four weeks and $60, and I'm thinking about taking it. Thx.
I have several unfinished art journal projects that I would like to turn to. I feel like I have a whole new bag of tricks with which to approach them, so I think I'll be putting some effort into these this month and next.
The other thing I've been seriously considering is getting back to teaching art.  I used to teach monthly at the LSS before it closed.  I haven't taken the initiative to find a new place and get back to it (it's been about a year since they shut their doors).
So, what is on your agenda for the rest of April and May?
Let me know, and I'll be back tomorrow with results from my blog and blogging survey (including the incentive winner).


helena said...

have you thought about teaching some aspect of art or art journaling on-line?

Sian said...

Why are photography classes so expensive? I would love to take several I've seen but the price is prohibitive. Have you looked at the spring photography prompt class at BPS? That might take you in a new direction :)

Anonymous said...

I'm taking the Think Spring class at BPS now as you know. Then I'm done with classes for some time as I am NOT caught up at all and need to tackle some big projects that have been sitting in a basket ready to go for a long time. Katrina Kennedy's photography classes (I took Through the Lens) are well worth the money if you're looking to learn more about your camera. The best photography class I ever took is no longer offered at BPS, and I've been somewhat disappointed with the two I splurged on after that.

scrappyjacky said...

I'm thinking a 'real' photography class would be better for me...the online one I've taken didn't help me a great deal [though it was cheap].I'm certainly not up to date on my years worth still to do....but think I may concentrate on sketch challenges rather than a class....and need to get back to some cardmaking as well!
Would like to do a class on art journaling at some point...but still have my Jessica Sprague [self paced] photo editing class to start!!

humel said...

My to-do list right now consists of catching up on the classes I already have :-) I found a great online photography course at 2Peas - and it's FREE! - have you seen that one? It's something like 12 weeks to better photos x

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

I LOVE the look of your Easter eggs! And the color scheme is so you. :o)

I'm envious that you having an open slate in front of you! I have several projects knocking at my door: 1) finish Shimelle's class (I'm a little behind); 2) a beach book for my niece and nephew; 3) a camping book for my other niece's friend; 4) something for my Mom's birthday, and 5) Mother's Day projects. phew!

I also want to take a "live" photography class sometime soon...just need to find one in my area that suits me.

sharyncarlson said...

Based on the online photography class I took (Oh Shoot! @, I would absolutely recommend an in-person photography class over online. I learn things both by doing and by asking questions... and found I didn't feel free to ask a lot of questions or interact with the instructor. And I didn't feel the price was justified for the content. Please let me know what you decide on!

Carrie said...

I have taken some photog classes I sometimes wonder if an IRL class would have been a better option for me. The Get It Scrapped free class looks cool, thanks for the heads up!

SarahLP said...

Last year I did a City & Guilds digital photography class, it lasted a year and was an evening class, one night a week. I can definitely recommend doing a class IRL.. but I haven't tried an online photo class so can't really compare!

I'm going to be a guest designer at Banana Frog in June so will be working on some projects for that very soon. Apart from that, I'm preparing to set up my own challenge blog, doing the research and formulating some ideas.. oh, and getting ready to move house! Fairly busy then.. ;o)

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I've been hoping to get a photography class at the local community college but they seem to only offer 2 types "So you bought a SLR?" beginner stuff and "So you want to start a photograpy business" classes.

I've been eyeing that same class at BPS you are. I'm out of auto mode but not comfortable yet in manual so I am mostly in A or S & want some help.