Thursday, April 8, 2010

House Party Update

Yesterday I announced the details for my upcoming House Party. You can find the details here.  I have received emails and created envelopes for:
Sharyn and
If you emailed me your address and are not on the list, please email me again at, and I'll get an envelope together for you.  Also, if you're not on the list and want to participate, email me your mailing address.  The more the merrier!
The art today is a simple card I made on a plaster background and featuring a hand-drawn house. ETA:  The plaster I use is sold as redi-wrap or rigid wrap in the U.S.  You can buy it at Michael's in the paper mache aisle.  It's the stuff you would use to make a plaster cast.  I featured other art using it during the last blog hop, which you can see here, and also in this post on classes I plan to teach (including one  on creating with plaster).


Julie Shoemaker said...

Great does one make a plaster background?

Elizabeth said...

When I looked at the card without reading your explanation, I thought the background was hand made paper. I never would have had the brilliant idea of using plaster. It's a great card!

scrappyjacky said...

Amazing to use a plaster background...not something I would ever have thought of....and thanks for organising all this.

Sian said...

Aagh, I knew I had something to do..I'm emailing you now Rinda!

humel said...

Love the idea of the plaster background but I've no idea where or even if I'd find some here!! Will have to investigate :-) (Michael's sounds like an amazing store. The number of times an American friend/blogger has said something about getting a product from Michael's...)

nancy y said...

this little pink house is great on the plaster! I still need to go buy some plaster - and print out the Mike's coupon!

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

Love the card!

SarahLP said...

Lovely card, that plaster background looks great! I wish we had Michael's over here too! I'll email you now. :o)