Monday, March 29, 2010

Let's Talk Blogs & Blogging (with an incentive)

I've been thinking about my blog and blogging lately, and I've got some questions for you (as a blogger and/or blog reader).  I'd love your answers to these.  I'll gather them together and post a summary early next week, along with my thoughts on these questions:
1. Frequency:  how often do you blog?  How often do you read other blogs? Do you read them at a certain time each day? Is it important to you, as a reader, that your favorite bloggers post every day?
2.  Format:  do you change the format or look of your blog often (or ever)?  As a reader, do you like seeing changes or not?
3. Live or loaded for the future? For you bloggers, do you usually publish a post right after you've written it or do you write one or more to post at a future date?
4. With regard to my blog, I've been blogging a mix of scrapbook pages, cards, photography and altered art.  Is the mix about right for you as a reader or would you prefer something different?
5.  Do you have any interest in doing a collaborative blog project with me, like a blog hop or guest blogging or a swap?  If so, let me know which ones.

Here's the incentive:  the artwork featured today is a card I made using a color copy of one of my all-time favorite collages.  It's called "Wings," and I think of it as a signature piece because features a lot of my signature style.  It's featured everyday on my blog.  On Monday, April 5, 2010, I'll randomly select a name from those who have posted a response to these questions and send them the card.

And don't forget to stop by Thursday for something special and bit different!

Thanks for your input!


helena said...

Rinda interesting questions, I'll be interested in the replies.
As a reader I don't expect a post every day and I use google reader so it just shows me all new posts I haven't read. i read blogs daily but have cut back on the list that I follow so I have time for other things. I enjoy your current mix of things.

As a blogger I frequently do a batch of posts and set them to publish in the future. i fing this process easier to manage than blogging regularly live.

Love your signature piece

Margi said...

"Wings" is yet another amazing piece of your art work. Absolutely gorgeous!
I'm probably going to write a book here for you! LOL

1. Frequency: I try to faithfully blog each day and if I have to go for a period of time without blogging I post that I'm on a blog-cation. I read a series of blogs every day and throughout the day. The best thing for me and managing the blogs I follow is Google Reader - I just subscribe to the blog, organize what category it is in for me and read it when the reader tells me the blog has been updated. Saves so much time and lets me follow more blogs. I do appreciate when a blogger posts daily, not a must for me but true bloggers just do it!

2. Format: As you know, I change mine alllllllll the time. I keep a 3 column format at all times and my blog name and description never changes but I do change the background at least once a month. I love the free blogger backgrounds that are out there so holidays, time of year, mood,,,,all let me make my blog the way I want it to look!

3. Live or loaded for the future? I generally schedule my posts. I publish at 4 a.m. every morning so definitely schedule the posts. Sometimes I'll have a weeks worth ready to go depending on how much I have out there or how much I have going on for that timeframe.

4. With regard to my blog, I've been blogging a mix of scrapbook pages, cards, photography and altered art. Is the mix about right for you as a reader or would you prefer something different?
I like your mixture. For me a blogger should post about what they love. If it's one specific thing fine, if it's a ton of different things (that would be me) that is fine as well.

5. Do you have any interest in doing a collaborative blog project with me, like a blog hop or guest blogging or a swap? Heck yeah, that would be fun! I did a blog hop with you for a Shimelle class and had a great time with the group!

Lizzie said...

Oooh, I'm a sucker for a survey - especially when it concerns one of my interests or hobbies!
I'll try to answer nicely and concisely (ooh a poem!).

1. Frequency: how often do you blog?
Every couple of days or so, as the fancy takes me!

How often do you read other blogs? Just about every day.

Do you read them at a certain time each day?
Morning and/or evening usually.

Is it important to you, as a reader, that your favorite bloggers post every day?
I don't expect them to - they have lives too and are not there just to amuse me - but I do enjoy following certain bloggers and miss them if they are "away" for a while.

2. Format: do you change the format or look of your blog often (or ever)?
I do/have done. Intending another change soon, to a "Spring" background! I'm always adding extra little bits & pieces to the side columns and I keep my "News" section up to date.

As a reader, do you like seeing changes or not?
Yes, so long as the blog is still legible (!). It can be fun to see a new layout on someone's blog.

3. Live or loaded for the future? For you bloggers, do you usually publish a post right after you've written it or do you write one or more to post at a future date?
I have set up some "delayed posts", but I generally publish a post as soon as it's done. (I guess I like the attention Now!)

4. With regard to my blog, I've been blogging a mix of scrapbook pages, cards, photography and altered art. Is the mix about right for you as a reader or would you prefer something different?
I really like your blog, just as it is. It's interesting, imaginative, has some great articles about you, your life, your family, your art and other interests. Keep up the good work!!

5. Do you have any interest in doing a collaborative blog project with me, like a blog hop or guest blogging or a swap? If so, let me know which ones.
I really enjoyed the Blog Hop we did for Shimelle's BfS course. It would be fun to try another, or something else too.

Cheryl said...

Great questions.
I don't post or read posts as often now but am trying to get back into more regular posting.
I usually post live unless I know I will be away for an extended time.

Don't tend to change the layout often.

I really enjoy the mixed media now. Getting more into doing it myself.

I am not much into the blog hopping.

I really enjoy looking at your work.

Ruth said...

Good questions.
1) I try to blog daily ~ it's become "me" time, along with scrapping. I also try to read my favourites blogs everyday, although I may not always leave a comment.
2) I change my blog's format every once in a while, but I often the change the placement of various things around.
3) I tend to stick to live posts.
4) I blog my scrapping, photography and snippets of my life as a SAHM.
5) I'd love to do another bloghop, like Blog Around The World from Shimelle's BfS.

Sian said...

Great questions Rinda! And here's what I think:

1. Frequency. I have settled into posting 3 times a week which is enough for me because I like to make a post I'm satisfied with rather than just stick something up so it's there.

So, it's not important to me that other bloggers post every day. I would rather read a couple of fantastic posts a week than a so-so post every day, if I'm completely honest!

I read through my google reader in batches throughout the day whenever I get a chance to get to the computer.

2. I think change can be good. When I freshened up my own blog recently I was delighted with the postive response I got. I'm happy to see changes in other blogs too. We all love to create, after all.

3. I sometimes plan subjects for the week in my head, but I very rarely schedule posts because I like writing at the last helps give a sense of immediacy and makes it easier to draw the reader in.

4. I really like the mix you have on your blog at the minute. That's what keeps me coming back!

5. I'm happy to join in whatever you suggest! I was just thinking last night that a "round the world" hop would be good again now the seasons have changed again.

I'll be back to see what everyone else thinks!

Elizabeth said...

1. When I’m doing a class, I tend to blog more often. I also have a family blog that I update when I write another story about our childhood and family life.
2. I’m still a novice in blogging so I only change my format once or twice a year when I can find the instructions.
3. As I said, I’m a novice blogger and have no idea how to load for the future. My blogs are live, but if you want to share the information on future loads, I’d be happy to consider that.
4. I like the mix on your blog but like the art journaling the best.
5. A collaborative blog project would depend on how much time I would have to devote to it but I am open to it.

Cherry said...

Interesting thoughts, as usual.

I really like following blogs and seeing the differences in style and work featured. I post live when I can (purely because I am disorganised and still settling into this medium). I feel bloggers I follow should be allowed to post in a way that suits them and thier lives. I love the selection you post. As a novice blogger I am only just posting more personal thoughts - but they are the posts I most value by others.

I change my blog periodically but feel others should or should not according to their own feelings.

I like the idea of collaboration but have no experience of it.

Thanks for the questions - always interesting to have a ponder.

Gorgeous 'Wings' by the way too.

Hugs Cherry XXX

Nellie Mae said...

1. I love it when my favorite bloggers post every day. I may not read each post every day because I don't have time, so I will usually get caught up by reading several posts at a time on days when I have more time.
2. I like it when a blog is mostly the same for a long time...but updates are generally least once a year or if the writer finds something fresh and new. Constant updates can be annoying.
3. Right now I have my weekly post 'style sunday' set to post for the next 8 weeks....i usually have my image 'parades' done for the next few weeks....I try to be patient....Rather than creating one long post, I try to break each one up into 3 or 4 posts and set them to auto post throughout the week so that I am only sitting down to actually blog once or twice a week. This frees me up to browse other blogs on days when I am not writing.
4. Whatever you do is fabulous! I love seeing what influences artists and I also love seeing 'how to' to something if it is an especially tricky or new technique.
5. I would love to do a collaborative project. Your collages are so inspirational! I would love to do something with you that involves a collage and blogging! ;-)

Keep up the good work!!

nancy y said...

Very interesting questions and I look forward to the results!

1. frequency. I try to post a couple times a week, and they aren't always that in-depth but I like to put something up. I'm not too concerned that a blog I read be updated daily - as long as it's at least a couple times a week. I usually read in the morning after I finish up work and am waiting for the mail to arrive.
2. Format - I change mine up just because I get bored and like to try new things and/or learn more about the "how to" of blogging.
3.Live - that's how I've done it, but recently I found myself with time and several things I wanted to post so I did three and then published them a few days apart. That was kind of nice.
4. I like your mix!
5. A collaborative blog project sounds fun... a hop sounds interesting. On some hops I've done I find new blogs I didn't know about and that was cool.

sharyncarlson said...

Great questions, Rinda!

1. I try to blog at least 4 times a week, or just about every other day. I read blogs every day. I usually check them in the morning while I enjoy my toast and coffee and again over the lunch hour. I'm always happy to see a new post from my favorite bloggers, but I don't expect that to be every day.

2. I don't often change the format. The only change I've made since I started blogging was to add a header with links. I don't like when bloggers constantly update or change the look of their blogs. Maybe 1-2 times per year for improvements.

3. I almost never load for the future. As soon as I create a post, I will usually publish. If I'm creating it late at night and have already posted that day, I might save it to publish in the morning.

4. I think your blog is a great mix of projects and photography. I really like the mix, with little bits of IRL stuff thrown in :)

5. I would definitely love to do another blog hop with you!

Looking forward to coming back and seeing the summary and your thoughts!

Anonymous said...

As always, interesting questions!

1. I try to blog several times a week. I've recently taken about 10 days off while I travel and visit with family, but that is a rare break for me.

2. I don't change the format of my blog often. I have a list of changes I want to make; some of them have been on my to-do list for weeks.

3. I almost always publish as soon as I write the post. Once in a while I'll schedule a post for the next day, but not often.

4. I love the mix in your blog!

5. I'd definitely be interested in a collaborative blog project. I'm open to any suggestions.

Love your card!

cheryl said...

My response as a reader:
I read all book related blogs on
I read all scrapbook/art related blogs on
I try my best to stay off the computer on sundays
As a reader I dont expect you to
post everyday because some folks have jobs,children,etcc
I love the mix of scrapbooking and
the art journal pages that's why I subscribe to this in my yahoo reader
My response as a blogger:
I try to post 3 times a week
but I dont like feeling like I have
to abide by that per se but I think being consistent is the main thing
I am interested in the blog hop but have never seen one for scrapbooking so I am curious as to how that would work and how it's done.
I like the card and can easily see why you made it a signature piece

scrappyjacky said...

Good questions,Rinda.
1.I tend to blog every other day...but occasionally more or less.I have my favourite blogs in google reader and read them every time...but don't always have time to leave comments on all of them every time.I read whenever I have could be at different times of the day.
2.Rarely change the format..and prefer pale backgrounds on much easier to read.
3.Usually live...very occasionally do an auto post.
4.Love the mix on your blog...yours is one of my very favourite blogs.
5.Would love to do a collaborative project...loved the row house swap you were involved in...would love something like that.
Loved the blog hop you organised before...would be great to do an 'end of class' one on Shimelle's....showcasing 'used stash'.

Julie Shoemaker said...

I'll be interested in seeing the comments here also Rinda. I blog when I have new art to show, normally once or twice a week. I read other blogs almost daily, either in the mornings with my coffee or in the evening. I don't expect my favorite bloggers to post daily, but I do like to see a normal consistency in the blog.1

My blog is to new to change the format. Personally, I like to see consistency in a blog, without a lot of change. This feels comfortable to me. I think your blog has all of the essential items.

I normally post my art immediately and have never saved a post to publish later.

I enjoy the variety in your blog Rinda. I think a blog gets monotonous if similar art is posted every day.

I have very little traffic in my blog as I haven't really published it. I am always up for a swap though...

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

I blog 4-5 times a week. I read other blogs daily but not always the same blogs. I have a lot of blogs in my reader so I read in batches & get caught up with each blog every 3 days or so.

I rarely change the look of my blog. I recently gave it a new header & lightened & brightened my color scheme but I've had the same general layout for 2 years now.

When I am on a roll with writing I post ahead, but that only happens every couple months. Usually I write the next day's post the previous night and schedule it

I like the mix of things you have on your blog

I think a blog hop could be fun!

SarahLP said...

OK, here goes...
1. I blog every 2-3 days, sometimes more, sometimes less depending on time available and what I have to say!
I read blogs on Google Reader every day, whenever I have a minute. It's not at all important that bloggers post every day.. if they all did, I'd have to cut back on the number I follow or I'd have no life!

2. I just changed my blog header last week, but have stuck to 3 columns since I started. I like to see changes in other blogs as long as they are easy to read and easy to post comments.

3. Usually live, although I've nothing against schedules posts.

4. I think the mix you blog about is great.. it's all about enjoying what you've been creating, so whatever you've created is fair game!

5. I'd love to take part in a collaborative project with you! It would be an interesting way to challenge each other into trying something different, learning from each other perhaps.

I'd be up for any of those you mentioned!

Thanks for the chance to win your beautiful artwork, Rinda.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

Rinda ~ Thanks for posting this list of questions. I have been wondering about the same things myself, so it’s great to see the responses in the comments here!

1. Frequency: Since taking Shimelle’s class “Blogging for Scrapbookers,” I have been posting every day. Lately I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed by that (totally self inflicted!) and thinking about dropping it down to a few times a week. I realize the blogs that are my favorite don’t necessarily post every day, and that’s ok with me.

And, I read blogs in the morning while I’m drinking my coffee and before I head out for my walk.

2. Format: I have changed the look of my blog in the past, but got tired of the busy background and went back to something more subtle(plain). I think it’s important to maintain some continuity so readers will recognize your blog when they visit.

3. Live or loaded for the future? I usually will prepare posts ahead of time and schedule them for later dates – especially if I’ve already posted for the day (I don’t like to do more than one post a day).

4. With regard to your blog, Rinda ~ I love the mixture of your art, scrapbook pages, and photography. I wouldn’t change a thing! ♥

5. Do you have any interest in doing a collaborative blog project with me, like a blog hop or guest blogging or a swap? Yes, yes, and yes! Just say the word and I’m in!

Unknown said...

I try to blog a couple of times a week, I like to read other blogs over a cup of tea and it doesnt matter if my fav bloggers dont blog every day.
I changed the format of my blog once and don't really see me changing it very often.
I have always published live so far.
I love the mix on your blog.
I really enjoyed doing the blog hop with you on Shimelles BfS and would love to do something similar.

humel said...

I'm late to this - finally getting a few minutes to try to catch up! - but was interested in the questions so figured I'd share my ideas - having not yet read anyone else's so apologies for any repetition or contradiction...

I like to blog every day, and in fact due to Project 365 I've settled into a pattern on 2 posts a day mostly, one being my 365 pic and one being 'something else'. I usually try to read the blogs on my blog roll each day too, but the time varies according to what else I've got on. I like my fave bloggers to post regularly but it doesn't have to be every day; I find that some people post several times on one day which can get overwhelming!

Format: Since setting up my blog in the first place, I've only made a few changes and those all early on. I'm happy with the layout of my blog now, it works for me, and primarily I blog for me so that's what matters most! I may tweak my header but right now I like the layout. I don't mind other people changing theirs but I can get used to a format and it can throw me if it then changes drastically. I like yours as it is :-)

I mostly use autoposts now, purely because I've got so much to share and with the Project 365 in particular I'm about a week behind in posting those pics so I prepare a batch in advance. And then I have other projects or thoughts or Wordles that I want to post but don't want to publish too much at once, so again I'll often schedule autoposts to spread them out over several days. I like the 'immediacy' of publishing straight away though. When I've got lots of autoposts set I sometimes miss being able to jump in a publish 'now'!

I like your mix of reviews, cards, etc :-) It works for me!

And I'd definitely be up for a blog hop! Count me in! xx