Saturday, October 31, 2009

What do you plan for it? (a semi-regular series)

Such a good question! Someone posed this in response to my organic art pieces, and it got me thinking about what I plan to do with my artwork. I think many of us wonder about what to do with it. So, as a semi-regular series on my blog, I'm posting some answers.

Answer 1: Display it!
I love these two textured collage pieces I made in classes taught by Connie Andrews. Both feature my photography from our trip to Venice and various texture mediums. They've been sitting on my desk, but today I hammered some nails in the living room wall and hung them up. It was a little scary, but also empowering. I love leaning back in my chair, peeking through the doorway and seeing my creations. Anyone else put their artwork on display?

Also, thank you to everyone who has visited and commented. I love reading what you have to say. As a reminder, I'm having a weekend give-away. Simply comment on my post from Friday ("Is it finished?"), and I'll enter your name into a random drawing for a piece of original art created by me. What you plan for that piece of art is entirely up to you!


Elizabeth said...

Wonderful blog! I love your art work.

Jen said...

Of course you should display it! Love the display!

Kathy M said...

Maria! I found you! I didn't know you had a blog. You know SBA moved right? email me if you need the info. You are taking the blogging class too? I thought of you last weekend as we were up in your area at the pumpkin patch. We need to catch up.

Anonymous said...

As I was considering a photo to show you some of my art on display, I realized I have more displayed than I had thought, and not just in my own personal little spots! My husband collects antique maps, so they take up almost all of our wall space. But I 'get' to hand some small quilts from the cathedral ceilings! As I was mentally framing a photo, I saw the shelf on the wall below that contains many of Bill's and my pieces from our ceramic art days!

And... I really 'lucked' out after a house renovation, when Bill was unhappy with the finish on one of our walls... He asked if I had a quilt that would cover the 60x80 messy spot in the wall? DID I?! It took me only moments to get one out, and now there are two that rotate in and out in that spot! Love It! I even convinced Bill that the plastic framed maps over our bed were an earthquake hazard, and there is now a quilt in that space!!!

It's so difficult for me to believe that you had an 'empty' space on your walls just waiting for your art. So glad that you did though!!! I know you will enjoy seeing it daily.