Friday, October 30, 2009

Is it Done? (my first blog give-away)

I have been working on this collage for a while. The background has gel medium, textured and painted to resemble wood, plus granular gel, painted in the middle. After starting with three images, I added the wooden heart, the key and the milagro eyes. I thought it needed something else - maybe a little more teal paint or something. But, as it's been sitting on my desk the last few days, I've begun to think that it might be done. What do you think? Leave me a comment, and let me know if you think it's done or not. If you think it feels incomplete, I welcome suggestions as to what else it needs.
As an added incentive, everyone who leaves a comment will have their name entered into a drawing for an original work of art done by me. If you're not a "registered" user, you should be able to post anonymously. Comments close 9 p.m. Sunday evening, California time.


Anonymous said...

Rinda, when I magnified this piece the texture is so the color pallette. I can't tell you if it's finished or not, but my guess is that if you think it is...then it is! Julie S

Anonymous said...

I have noticed that you have a taste for the "make you think" art that I do. I love what you do - it's making where your mind goes.
Sharon from GIS

Sian said...

I love it just as it is!

Linda said...

Rinda, I really think the little bit of Teal that you have is striking and it does not need anymore. I love your work, it is totally thought provoking.
Linda from GIS

Anonymous said...

It sure looks done to me, but you know how i am about collage! :D love watching you create!


humel said...

I looked at it and thought 'Wow!' - I guess that means I think it's finished!! I am loving your work, going to sign up to follow your blog so I don't miss any of it :-)

PS Thanks for your kind comments on my own blog!

Elizabeth DelValle in the order of PAO said...

the more I look at your wonderful art piece the more complete it feels to me. i love the color mix and the visable texture of the background.
The piece to me has the feeling of found artifact, which I really like. Thanks for sharing with us.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad I read someone's comment about enlarging the image - it adds so much to the WOW! factor :) Great texture and arrangement!
It's wonderful as it is, but orange isn't my favorite color. So I'm wondering if there is any chance of a tiny teal border around the upper right image?
I like the way the milagro eyes fall in line with the swoop at top of image to the left, and also echo the eyes in the image above. Did you try them below the left hand image?
You can also stop right now if you want. :)

Lauren said...

Lovely, my dear.

Anonymous said...

Rinda it has WOW factor. I believe it is finished. The teal edging is just perfect and the textures are amazing!
Sharon (Australia)

ComfyMom~Stacey said...

That is really lovely! I just want to reach out and touch it

Alison said...

WOW Rinda Love the texture and the colors.
I really like how you edged it in the teal and yes it looks finished to me.

debs14 said...

It is perfect as it is, you need do no more! I love the colours you have used and the way you use texture in your craft.