Wednesday, October 28, 2009

October Class Review

October was a great month for taking classes! In reverse order,

1. Michael DeMeng's Demented Toys Class - in this class, we disassembled and then reassembled toys to create something new and meaningful. The picture of my creation is in a previous post. I enjoyed pushing myself to use power tools to disassemble things and the training on how to adhere things to each other. Michael focused on both traditional adhesives (E6000), mechanical connections (screws, nails) and apoxy clay. I learned a lot. Michael also gave some wonderful painting demonstrations. He's a wonderful teacher - accessible, funny, and a great problem solver. I've heard that he's become a better teacher over time and that this class contained more demonstration than prior classes. I had to leave early, so didn't get as much out of it as I could have (but that was my own fault).

2. Michael DeMeng's Holy Rolling Wheels - in this class, we altered hot wheels cars to create works of art. I loved this class!!! I appreciated how giving Michael was of his time and knowledge. It was a small class, and we all had lunch together. I feel like I really got a chance to get to know him as an artist and human being. it was wonderful to get some insight into how a real, living artist thinks & works. The hot wheels (first picture above) really worked for me because I was able to conceive of how to turn it into a shrine. At the end of the class, Michael gave a critique which really helped me improve my vehicle.

3. Nancy Young's Gesso Class - learned some nice techniques for making card fronts using gesso. Loved how we made a little sample book.

4. KJ's Card Class - Made cards using flower soft and glitter on acetate. Both are outside my regular box, but I had fun.

5. Connie Lutz's - Hot Water Bottle journal class. Yes, you read that right. The little red book is a journal made out of a hot water bottle. I love book binding, and I really enjoyed this class.

6. Connie Andrews Pumice Gel Class - okay, so technically this class was in September, but it was right at the end. Connie Andrews is a gifted teacher who has been offering a series of classes that focus on the use of texture mediums in collage. I created the abstract piece shown here, which is very different for me, but I really enjoyed it. Connie's blog is linked at the left. Check her out and definitely consider taking a class from her if you're in the San Francisco Bay Area. You won't be disappointed.

I'm taking two classes in November, and I'll review those at the end of next month.

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LUCYG said...

wow, such cool stuff I missed at mini retreat! love the blog ... it looks totally fabulous.