Saturday, March 22, 2014

A Weekend Ramble through the Random

1. We recently got rid of our 2000 Toyota Avalon and replaced it with a BMW SUV. I was surprised by how sad I was to see the Avalon hauled away. It was still running (barely), but definitely time to let go. But we owned it for 14 years. I remember when we bought it and loved driving it; loved teaching Henry to drive in it; and remembered when he drove it alone to High School for the first time. Sigh. Oddly, I have often felt a strong attachment to my cars - my first (a 1963 Chevrolet Valiant station wagon, which I blogged about here); the first new car Paul and I ever bought (a red Chevy nova) and even my current BMW (which Paul bought me as a 25th wedding anniversary present). Have you ever had a strong attachment to a car?
2. My new favorite iphone app may be "Collect - Everyday Photo Diary . . ." It's a really easy way to record a photo for each day in the month and leave a brief note about it. Plus, it prompts you if you've forgotten. I'm really enjoying it. Have you tried it? Got any other good iphone apps to share?
3. We're full-on into track season here. Last weekend, we spent a wonderful, sunny, exhausting day at the "Dublin Distance Fiesta," which culminated in a distance medley relay, followed by a full-on, line dancing party in the infield. This weekend, Clara is participating in the Santa Barbara Easter Relays. We stayed home, but are monitoring the website for results. Relays are fun!
4. Meanwhile, back at home, Clara passed her driver's permit test, so she can begin to learn to drive with a parent in the car (or a driving instructor). She can apply for her actual license in September.
5. Spring is here. The weather is warming up. The hens are almost 5 months old (I think). They've gotten much bigger - fat and happy.  But, still no eggs. When will they start laying???
Photo Credit: Becky Ruppel (thanks Becky!)
6. The boys are back in town . . . I picked Henry up from the airport on Thursday evening. He's home from college for spring break. And so are many of his friends. A bunch of them went to the high school baseball game yesterday, and my photographer friend Becky captured these three. I'm so happy to have my boy home. We have a date this afternoon to eat burritos and nachos, while watching his Oregon ducks play in the NCAA basketball tournament. It makes my heart happy.
What's making you happy this weekend?


alexa said...

Very cheering to read of such happy events in your life, Rinda. And methinks those chickens are too well fed to be bothered doing anything approaching work :).

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

Random is good, we like random, especially when it is full of happy.

Karen said...

Fun post, with lots of happy! We're having an unusually quiet weakend--very welcome. I've spent most of the day playing around with new techniques from the current Online Cards Class.

scrappyjacky said...

Lots of good things,Rinda. I,too, was very attached to my car....and am just getting used to the new one.

Miriam said...

My friends chickens are just starting to lay again. She thinks because the weather is a little warmer... Girly giggling in the house is making me happy this weekend. My boy has his girl with him x

Sian said...

A strong attachment to a car? I loved the car I passed my test in. I used to drive it to school, then we took it on honeymoon and I once saved it from being stolen outside our house . I heard glass breaking in the middle of the night and rushed out to catch car thieves. They weren't very brave, though..all I did was swear at them a bit and they got out of my car and ran away!

Missus Wookie said...

Happy random sunshine filled posts are always welcome. So glad to hear you've got everyone home.

Your date made me smile - Princess is home next weekend and Burritos were requested last night. They were served in the canteen.... fried hamburger with what looked like ketchup plopped into a tortilla, not much spice, a few canned beans scattered over the top, rolled up and grilled/kept warm so that the ends were solid and had to be cut off. She wasn't impressed :)

Melissa said...

Such a lovely catch up with your world today! What a fabulous new car! I was definitely attached to my first car & also to the Expedition we traded in after almost 12 years - so many great memories with both & I've created layouts about both of them.

Anonymous said...

That was a really neat catch up. Attachments to cars - yep I guess I do have attachments to my cars - I sure keep them long enough to. :) What was making me happy that weekend was finally being home and sleeping in our own bed.