Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Snap! Interesting Japanese Folk, Part 1

When we travel, I try to do more than just take photographs of the standard tourist attractions (although I do take plenty of those shots). I also enjoy taking photographs of interesting people I see. So, I thought I'd share a couple groupings of interesting Japanese folk as part of Helena's Snap! photo meme. I took the first photo at the Inari temple, spied the second pair trying to decide which bus to take in Kyotoa, and the last two at a baseball game. More interesting folk coming next week.


Lady Ella said...

That top right one is so Japan!

Sue's Paper Crafts said...

Wonderful pictures of Japan. I always have to look at crowd shots of Japan to see if I can spot my son and his wife. So far I haven't but one of these days I just might.


helena said...

oh yes I do like plenty of people spotting when I travel - love this taster of Japan