Friday, June 10, 2016

Cheap Amazon Books and First Summer Read

SPSH  Item #4 A Book Read in 2016
I'm making reading a priority this summer, and I have finished my first book! 
It was a very fast read in the psychological thriller genre and generally well-written. I think the very end of the book took a few wrong turns (no spoilers), but on the whole I'm glad I picked it up. Especially because it was very cheap! 
I bought it off the Amazon website, choosing the "used paperback" option. The book only cost .97. Even with $4.00 for shipping, the book was still the least expensive one I have bought in some time. It arrived in very good condition and quickly, even though it came from the U.K. The book had not yet been released in the U.S when I ordered it, so I took the used paperback option. I used to do that a lot when I was buying out of print kids books for my son. I think I'll do it more in the future. Maybe you can do the same.
The book also qualifies as Item #4 on the 2016 Summertime Photography Scavenger Hunt. I wrote a post about my summer reading plan here if you want to check it out.


Karen said...

I recently bought a used book on Amazon for $.01 plus $3.99 shipping. I think the book is now out of print, but it was originally quite expensive. It came in absolutely perfect condition.

nancy y said...

I just finished Gone Again by Doug Johnstone. It was a pretty quick read - but the ending seemed rushed and a little improbable.

Now I'm back to some Michael Connelley Bosch and Lincoln Lawyer books. I've never read them and I'm enjoying them.

I read mostly on my Kindle and usually read what I can find on the cheap and/or get on loan from my library.

I too have some found some good deals in the used books on Amazon.

Jane said...

I've read that book and enjoyed it

Helen said...

that's a real bargain - I read it, (bought it here in the uk, full price of course ha ha!) and really enjoyed it.