Thursday, March 3, 2016

Winter Photo Scavenger Hunt Linky: Candlelight

February is over, and Joy is hosting a link-up for the Winter Photography Scavenger Hunt. Prior to this week, I had found 15 of the 21 items. And then today, I found another one - #15 Candlelight! Birthday candles, to be exact. 
Because today was my birthday, and my wonderful husband and daughter made me a home made cake, loaded it up with candles and sang me "Happy Birthday!" I had a very nice day - worked out, did some art journaling and enjoyed dinner and cake.
And now I have found 16 of the 21 items. Five more to find by March 21. I guess I better get to it!
1.   A robin redbreast
2.   Tinsel
3.   Outside lighting
4.   A star
5.   A snowman
6.   A puddle
7.   Berries and/or nuts
8.   A wreath
9.   A tree that has lost all its leaves
10.  A windy day
11.  Your favourite pudding
12.  A fancy button
13.  Street art
14.  Afternoon tea
15.  Candle light
16.  A chimney
17.  A ladder
18.  An arrow
19.  A fountain
20.  Cutlery
21.  Your own handwriting (this one is compulsory and cannot be substituted)


Maggie said...

Happy Birthday Rinda! Looks like a lovely cake.

Lady Ella said...

Happy Birthday! (3/3 is girls' day in Japan - lovely day and time of year for a birthday.) Many happy returns.

Lady Ella said...

...although looking at the time you posted this, maybe it wasn't actually 3/3...

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

The perfect choice for candle light!

Sandie said...

Happy birthday Rinda!

alexa said...

Hoping you enjoyed your cake and your special day too! You can't go wrong with chocolate .... And good luck with the rest of your photo hunt. I have a few robin photos if you need one :).

Karen said...

Happy Birthday! That chocolate cake looks delicious!

Missus Wookie said...

What a great use of that item. Looks like a lovely cake, hope it was delicious.

Becky said...

Catching up with my blog reading so a very belated happy birthday!