Sunday, April 5, 2015

Some Thoughts and Questions on Card Making

I took a stroll through my old posts with the "card" label and am featuring a few of them on my blog today to accompany some thoughts and questions on card making.
I enjoy making cards with ephemera and collage sheets. Julie Kirk of Notes on Paper also makes ephemera based cards.
I also enjoy making cards that feature my photographs (not on collage sheets).
I like to stamp and embellish. Karen of Random Reflections makes lots of wonderful cards using stamps (and recently lots of dies).
Sometimes I stamp and color. The second card is definitely inspired by the amazing Jacky of Scrappy Jacky (the Queen of paper layering).
I also like making Christmas cards.
When I look at these cards, they feel very much like me. I think I will play with these styles this month,and I'm wondering:
Do you have a favorite among these various styles?
 Also, I would like to try some new things. And, I'm looking for ideas.
Can you suggest any good blogs for cards (other than the three wonderful card makers I mentioned here)? Also, do you know of any good sketch sites or challenge sites for cards?
And  I have one more big question:
What do you do with the cards you make?
Sometimes I send out cards, but, to be honest, not as often as I could. And I tend to make cards in advance and have a big supply (I probably have about 50 in my stash right now), rather than make cards as I need them (although I do that occasionally).
Sometimes I make cards simply to learn or practice a technique. And I am happy to hold on to these as samples. 
I used to sell cards at craft fairs, but I haven't done that in quite a while. I occasionally think about opening an etsy shop or trying to sell things on EBay, but I think that might be more trouble than it is worth.
I have sent cards to Operation Write Home. 
Sometimes I bundle up cards and give them as gifts.
I'll be off line for a few days, as Clara and I take a trip to check out Eastern Kentucky University. So, I'll leave this post up for a few days in hopes of getting your answers to these questions before I jump into some serious card making.


Cheri said...

IMHO the emphemera based cards seem most like YOU to me. I love all the others, but it is in the emphemera ones that I can definitely identify it as YOUR style. I tend to go in spurts with card making and tend to send out every single one I make then have none for awhile until I get inspired again. I think for me it has to be simple. And Karen is my best source for inspiration, so can't really help you there!

alexa said...

Yes, I think the ephemera ones capture your style nicely - I guess I associate them with your lovely art journalling. I know that some of the scrapbookers I read use 'CAS(E)this sketch' as a source of card making ideas. Hoping you enjoy that university trip, both of you!

Karen said...

I agree the ephemera ones definitely have your signature on them. I follow a group of card makers. You might enjoy following the Simon Says blog because they feature a wide variety of card styles. Most of the others I follow are pretty CAS--much more my style than yours. (Thanks for the compliment!) Jennifer McGuire also has a great blog that focuses more on techniques. I give away 98% of the cards I make. I have a birthday/anniversary calendar that hangs over my desk and make sure everyone on that list gets a handmade card. I do have a few cards in a file that I made for a challenge. Eventually they'll probably go in the mail as well.

Carola Bartz said...

I like the stamped cards and of course the ones with your photos. Unfortunately I cannot recommend a blog to you just for card making, but I do like to look at Artistic Outpost every now and then.
I sell my cards on Etsy and fairs, give them away and sometimes send them to someone. Sometimes I use my photographs and make "mixed media cards" or "scrapbook cards" but I really have to be in the mood for that. Etsy is quite a lot of work by the way, but I enjoy doing that.

Sian said...

I'm not much help because I love any and all cards made by my friends, in any style, any way! I don't make enough cards to follow a lot of cardmaking blogs, though I too have a little pile of ones I've made, just waiting for the right opportunity to send.

Have a great trip!

Anonymous said...

I like all your cards in all the different styles. I dip my toe into carding making every now and again but do enjoy it when I do. A couple of years ago, over the year I made lots of different 7 x 5 cards and at Christmas made wallets and gave them as small gifts to the Great Aunts and God mothers. They were delighted with them.

scrappyjacky said...

I like the variety of styles....but the ephemera ones definately say 'Rinda' to me!!
I tend to have periods when I make a lot of cards....and then don't do any for ages...though my favourite are christmas cards.
I give most of my cards to people....especially christmas ones...but do sell a few to family and friends.
Looking forward to meeting up next week.

Miriam said...

I have little spurts of card making, I tend to get an idea and make a few. I do send my cards out and I have a stash of about 50. I like making postcards at the moment. I love your stamped and watercolour cards best.

Melissa said...

Great collection of cards & styles Rinda! Hope you enjoy your month of cardmaking. I typically make cards as I need them, but also a few to have on hand. I send out all the cards I make eventually. I've also made card sets to give as gifts. When I get a batch of projects back from the LSS store where I'm on the Design Team, I'll have quite a few cards . . . so it'll be time to send some Happy Mail! :)

Anonymous said...

It's so hard to pick a favourite card style - these all look terrific. I have a friend who makes cards and her blog is basically just that but I like yours better.