Thursday, April 23, 2015

Pretty Pastels (Be Still #12): Americaunus Eggs

The Week 12 assignment in the Be Still 52 class was to photograph something pastel for Easter. Yes, Easter. I'm catching up a bit. But that's okay. So, I decided to gather some pastel eggs from our Americaunus hens and pose them on a lace jacket.
Played with some backlighting and also pulled out that spoon from an earlier lesson that I feel like I never quite mastered. This spoon is from a silver set I inherited from my paternal Grandmother. I have always loved the floral detail.
Played around with another accent spoon - one that had a nice tarnish on it. More backlighting. I like how these turned out. 
And now it's time to make an omelette!


Sian said...

The first thing I think of when I look is how smooth they appear. That's a result, then! You've captured the smoothness

alexa said...

Ive never heard of Americaunus eggs - such a delicate sheen, and the slightly rougher texture of the lace is a lovely contrast.

Karen said...

Both the eggs and the spoon are beautiful. I like them on the lace jacket, too.

Miriam said...

I love the idea of 'posing' eggs. Pretty Pastel Pictures say Easter to me.