Sunday, January 8, 2012

New Music Monday

When working with Henry to clean up the desk top in his room, we came across a few itunes gift cards. He said he didn't use them anymore and that I could have them.  He gets all his music off of You Tube these days, but I decided to go old school and buy some new music.  In particular, I decided to support some artists that are new to me and not widely established (at least in the U.S.) by buying their albums.  First up, I bought "The Head and the Heart" by The Head and the Heart.  You can check out the video for" Lost in My Mind" above.  Next up:

I bought the album "Father, Son, Holy Ghost" by Girls. You can check out the video for the song "Honey Bunny" above. My next purchase:

I bought the album "Helplessness Blues" by Fleet Foxes. This is a video of the song "Grown Ocean."  Finally, I bought an album from a band not widely known in the U.S. (though I hear they're big in the U.K.):

They're called Elbow, and I bought the album "Build a Rocket Boys!" The video above is for the song "With Love."
I also bought several songs from The Decemberists and Trevor Hall.  I love having new music on my ipod! Do you have any good new music to recommend? Do you fancy any of the ones featured here today?


alexa said...

Now that's quite a collection! I'm not an ipod owner, and I tend only to listen to music in the car or a a concert! Will check these out.

Sian said...

My BIL is possibly the world's biggest Elbow fan. Which means Little E is also a fan! Itunes cards are still popular round here - we received several at Christmas - but the funny thing is it's old Heavy Metal from his Dad's era that TTO is buying

nancy y said...

I kind of liked that Elbow song! Favorites lately for me are The Black Keys, Deathcab for Cutie and Mayer Hawthorne!

GlorV1 said...

I've never heard of these artist but did listen to a couple and like them. I think it's great that your son was thinking of you to give you his gift cards. Have a great week Rinda, enjoy.

scrappyjacky said...

Afraid I've never heard of any of them either......but will take a listen.

Jimjams said...

OOoooh Elbow - brilliant - my DH is a fan because they've developed a beer locally and it tastes really great!