Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Double Duty Stamps and Supplies

I got a little creative time last weekend to finish up my ATC's for the "Elements" swap in which I'm participating.  A friend is coordinating a group of a dozen stampers to make ATC's for all the elements in the periodic table (over the course of about a year). I've posted some of my other contributions here and  here (or click on the ATC tag below). I made Rhenium, above, which is used to make jet engine parts and propellers. I was going to use game spinners for the propeller but didn't have enough and the ones I had were too big, so I used a pair of photo turns instead. I thought it was a nice, creative use of an embellishment!
I also completed Technetium, which is a silver grey radioactive transition metal used in X-rays. It's hard to tell in the picture, but this has a piece of plastic (stamped with the number and letters) stapled on top of a shiny silver paper stamped with the skeleton. It's supposed to look a bit like an x-ray. I didn't have an x-ray stamp, so I used a dancing skeleton from my Halloween stamp bin.  It's nice to use my theme stamps in other ways.
{Tomorrow, I'll post Thallium as part of paint party Friday.}
I liked how my stamps and supplies performed "double duty" in these ATC's - makes me feel less bad about having such a large inventory. And I'm always looking for more ideas in this vein. Have you found a creative, non-traditional use for any of your stamps or supplies lately?


Sian said...

This has to be the most quirkily intriguing subject for a project I've heard in a long time!

scrappyjacky said...

Love your use of the photo turn....very imaginative.
Since winning Kath's canvas...I intend to do more stamping on fabric.

nancy y said...

You've got some creative uses for all your stamps! I had to google Technetium since I'm an ex-X-Ray tech and it didn't sound familiar to me. Ahhhh, it's used in Nuclear Medicine, not x-rays! close ;-)

Amy said...

I agree with Sian! And I can also see how having a good range of supplies makes this project achievable.

Irene said...

Very creative use of materials.

laurie said...

these elements cards are so unique! i think i have plenty of materials but i can't always find (or remember) what i have.