Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Dreams Don't Turn to Dust - Canvas Board Collage

Yesterday I posted a composed photograph that I took quite a while ago. If you look closely at the photograph, you will see that it includes three marriage milagros - including two same sex couples. It's a political photograph about the power and value of love and my belief that everyone is entitled to it. I've been wanting to incorporate the photograph into a collage and last weekend I took my first crack at it.  I was inspired by this album artwork challenge at Abi's blog, Creating Paper Dreams.  Although in the end, I only completed a part of the challenge, using a song lyric from her chosen album.  I say I took my first crack at it because I'm not completely happy with the collage. I hope to redo it on canvas (this is on canvas board) and make the following changes:
*straighten the focal image (snort!)
*move the focal image (along with the supporting elements) up about half an inch 
*make the line of people holding hands fainter
*make the background color more vibrant and luminous (using higher quality paints).
Any other feedback or thoughts before I start on the next version?


helena said...

Fabulous piece. I admire your willingness to redo pieces - something I have never incorporated into my creativity.

One additional thing I'd be tempted to do is crop the photo tighter - maybe even so far as to have the top of the ribbon on the edge of the photo.

Look forward to seeing the redo

scrappyjacky said...

It's a lovely piece,Rinda....I agree with you about the people being fainter....almost like ghosts in the background.....and I like Helena's idea of cropping the photo a bit more so that the elements fill it.

Sian said...

I hesitate to offer advice to someone with a lot more talent in this area than I have, so I am ducking out of that one and saying I like it as is!

I also love to learn something new, so I googled milagro which is a new word for me. Interesting.

laurie said...

i love pieces that have a political statement behind them - it gives the art more power and makes it personal. i would age the photo a little and maybe have the people overlap on in, tying it together.

Alison said...

Like Sian, I am off to google 'milagro'...and I love it the way it is(and shall probably love the new one too!)
Alison xx

Gail said...

I really like the way it is. Ok, now like Sian & Alison I'm off to find out what milagro is.

Anonymous said...

I'm another one hesitant to make suggestions--especially on an art form with which I have no experience! I love the way you incorporate political statements into your art. I'm looking forward to seeing what you do with it. (Can you post side-by-side photos when you're done?)

Anonymous said...

Wow i am loving your art. Love this collage in particular. beautiful work.
off to add to follow now
hugs June xxxxx