Monday, September 19, 2011


Last weekend, I went to a crop organized by a group of friends who met online and who all belonged to Club Scrap.  We meet every couple of months for an all day crop, and once a year we hold a longer retreat called "Scramp Camp." This year, we had a guest artist join us - Mary Jo McGraw. She spent the day with us, teaching two formal classes (one on collage and one on card making). In between classes, she gave us a lesson on drawing faces.  To me, this was the most rewarding part of the day. I've always been afraid of drawing faces, but she took the mystery out it. And I drew the face above. I'm really happy with it, and I'm looking forward to drawing more of them in my art journals.
Here's another face. This one was drawn by Mary Jo:
This face reminded me of an experience I had earlier this week. I was in a meeting of the hiring committee on which I sit. We're hiring, but we're not entirely sure what the position will be. Usually we look at our various needs and then look at the candidates and then decide whether to go with the "best candidate" out there or the the "best fit" for our needs.We go back and forth, trying to figure out a place, but never really being able to do so until after we interview people. It's a free flowing process which can be a little nerve-wracking. One of my fellow-committee members said "the process is organic." That made me giggle because I feel like my life right now is very organic! And Mary Jo's face seems organic, too.  Don't you think?
Have you ever drawn faces?


Amy said...

Life is pretty organic over here at the moment too!

I have not drawn faces, well, except for when I was little and tried to draw them ... I'm looking forward to seeing many more faces popping up in your journals!

Irene said...

Hi Rinda:
Yes to both questions. I do find myself painting faces more than drawing them. The problem I have is eye, nose and lip placement; which should be drawn or painted first?

scrappyjacky said...

I try and avoid drawing faces fact I try and avoid drawing.....I'm hopeless at it!!

Sian said...

I can't draw faces. In truth, I can't draw anything. But I've always been very intrigued by those books that claim to be able to tarin your brain into being able to draw. Keep thinking I should buy one.

Mommy2CVC said...

Yes everyday in Kindergarten. It's interesting trying to teach Kinders to draw because it's usually a skill that they don't come with. I just always tell them to try their best and no matter what it will be alright. LOL!

Anonymous said...

I'm pretty hopeless at drawing as well, and faces would be way out of my comfort zone! You should be very pleased with yours.

Deb @ PaperTurtle said...

I would be the first to say "I can't draw faces!" In fact, I don't consider myself to be very good at drawing much of anything. However, if we ever play Pictionary you want me on your team! ;o)

I do love the face you drew, Rinda. My Carrie is great at drawing faces!